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Illidan Stormrage Alternative Game Mechanics

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hello there guys i guess alot of players over the course of HS have brainstormed and tried to find a way to have ''illidan'' in somehow competitive constructed play ..well by far he is not even a consideration to take when trying to go up the ladder but i have my idea and i guess alot of others had something near it ..a 7/5 for a 6 leg card is horrible simply the 7 attack alone and the low health pool with slow impact on the board ..so instead of making a flame of azzinoth fiesta every time you play a card how about ..play illidan and summon 2 2/1's with charge ..now i know it wont make much of a difference overall still pretty low impact on the board but again instant impact is way better of what we have now .. when tried with demon synergy deck ''warlock'' i found that u have to lure your opponent to waste as much removals on much of the big guys u have in ur deck in order to play him at a 50% safety chance not being removed and the other deck i tried running illidan in was a rogues miracle which was way meta outdated and ur far behind to finish the game even with 2 cold bloods on illidan + conceal the turn before ..so what do u guys think about making a change like that ?

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I think the change is bit too powerful. What you basically get is a Flamewaker that hits stuff you need to get hit. It would be really strong in aggro warlock because you if you get him from Voidcaller, you can play multiple small minions and get a huge board - something like a Patron warrior. 

I think adding Demon tag to the Flames is good enough and it gets huge synergy with Mal'Ganis by also having a Demon tag himself as well.

The previous version of him was really strong, unfair and needed a nerf. He was a 7-mana 7/7 with battlecry "Both players discard 3 cards and draw 3 cards." He was later nerfed to 6 health and that was apparently still good enough, so he got nerfed even further into not being playable (aka the Blizzard nerf).

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