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Resto Druid - Sharing some WeakAuras

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Hi guys, just thought I would share my current WeakAuras with you.


I tend to notice coloured blobs more than spell icons and names, hence the little flames I'm using to track certain spells.They're quite a personalised set for the things I know I have trouble tracking without WeakAuras, so anyone wanting to use them may need to change a few things, but hopefully they might be helpful to someone out there!




Mana TrackerTracks current mana percentage. Starts pale blue, turning more red (danger!) at 50%, 25% and 10%.


Buffs/HoTs (four coloured flames): 

  • Green - Nature's Vigil talent. Shows when spell is available for use, hidden when on cooldown. NV is my go-to level 90 talent currently, but I may adjust this to also work for HotW.
  • Purple - Lifebloom tracker for T18 4-set. Shows when Lifebloom is not up on 2 targets.
  • Yellow - Harmony tracker. Shows when Harmony buff is not currently up on self.
  • Blue - Wild Mushroom tracker. Shows when Mushroom is not currently up.

All four of these will hide when the buff/HoT is currently active or when the spell (NV) is on cooldown.


Clearcasting: "Regrowth" shows and flashes when you have a Clearcasting proc, otherwise is hidden.


Major Cooldowns (bars): CD timer bars for Tree of Life and Tranquility. Also a smaller icon underneath with countdown to track the CD of the Etheralus ring (legendary heal ring).


Minor Cooldowns (bottom row of icons):

  • Left side - Tracks Ironbark, Displacer Beast and Nature's Cure. Icon is green when usable and greyed out with countdown in seconds when on CD.
  • Right side - Tracks Nature's Swiftness, Swiftmend and Wild Growth. Icon is green and flashes when usable, grey with countdown when on CD.



The WeakAura string for the whole group can be found here.


Feel free to use and abuse this, change things around etc! I'm having fun creating these for my alts as well, so if you would like me to change or add anything, let me know.


Comments and suggestions also appreciated!




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Hey it's some cool weakauras but they have some flaws - by the time they pop up it's already too late to get the information. A suggestion would be to make a duplicate of all your weakauras, make the trigger be the opposite (eg. when NOT ready), desaturate them (and eventually make them semi transparent) and then add a timer text on them. In that way it will still be super visual when you make a mistake and let your mushroom disappear, but you will also know the remaining time of your current so you can plan ahead.

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