Tavern Brawl, Co-op vs. Giant Robot

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For anyone seeking tips:


I teamed up with a random and just beat him on turn 6. Here's how it went:


I (paladin) kept all of my spells and my Lorewalker Cho. Turn 4 came, and my partner played Millhouse whats-his-face, and made all my spells free next turn. So I dropped Lorewalker at the beginning of turn 5, and buffed the living shit out of Millhouse with Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Wisdom, Blessing of Champions, Divine Spirit, and whatever the one is that doubles attack. In the process, Cho passed all of those spells to my partner. Enemy dealt damage to both faces, and partner played all the same spells on Millhouse, passing them back to me via Cho. Enemy schwacked Cho, but it was too late. I buffed mill house again and he was hitting for 59 damage. It didn't go well for Mr. Robot.

So it seems as though Lorewalker Cho and Millhouse wizard-lips are the linchpin combo.

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