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MythicZakun War Prot Trinket

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Hi There!


I was wondering what are the best trinket for zakun mythic fight:


Achimonde trinket + Anzu




Archimonde trinket + Tyrant decree (for sta proc)



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I used Anzu's and Imbued Stone Sigil. There's not really enough magic damage to make the class trinket worthwhile and I found the steady stam of Imbued Stone Sigil to be preferable to the conditional stam from Tyrant's Decree.

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Thanks Estarriol


few more ones for you pls:


What are the actual Stat Weight ?




I have serious doubt concerning Mythic best in slot for: (I sort them from stongest to weakest)

Off Hand: Fallen Defender of Argus > Soulwarped Tower Shield > Smoldercire Bulwark > Felforged Aegis

Neck: World Ender'sGorget > Contained Fel orb Locket > Spiked Bloodstone pendant > Choker of Sneering Superriority

Back: Void Lord's Wizened Cloak > Drape of Gluttony > Cloak of incendiary Wrath > Ironthread Greatcloack

Chest:Stamped Felsteel Chestplate > Chestguard of Ill fate > Breastplate of iron wrath > Chestguard of ill fare 

Waist:Annihilan's waistplate > Girdle of Demonic Wrath > Girdle of Savage resolve > Ravenous Girdle

Feet:Cruel Hope Crusher > Stompers of Brazen terror > Treads of the defiler > Shell-resistant Stomper

Ring 1:Filigreed Loop of Zealotry > Mannoroth 's Calcified Eye > Band of Enthralling delusion > Martak 's Rugged seal


What are the trinket you use on Velhari Mythic ? 

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