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Cant pull over 55k DPS in heroic gear.

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I play Affliction for mostly everything unless a fight specifically calls for another spec.

While gearing I thought my gear was just bringing me down for damage and it was low cause it was just unavoidable. But i'm pretty dang close to being BIS for whats available to me.

Can anyone help me out with trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong? My Dots are *almost* up 90%+ of the time, And I'm saving DS for pot and haunts when available.

here are my logs.

Archimonde progress 

Other bosses

Any help or feedback would be EXTEMELY useful. Getting archimonde before this next nerf patch means a lot to me.

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I have looked at your logs and it looks ok. You are mostly lining DS up with lust, good dot uptime, goot HS uptime but yu do seem to be ranking pretty badly. I cant find your toon on armoury, but what are you wearing? If its not a 4set with nice trinkets and weapon, or just like empowered apexis and craft, then your damage isn't bad. Haste and mastery are great, always eat and flask, potion and rune. Your opener is super important, so really look at it. If you screw it up even a bit it will destroy your final damage score. Also you don't have the ring yet I see, so you can't really be perfectly optimised yet anyway. I would say chin up and play hard. You will see the results you want.

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I would suggest not playing Affliction on Mannoroth/Archimonde until you are much more geared. Destruction is generally better for fights with adds because of Shadowburn cleave. The Dreadstalkers are a good way to shadowburn cleave onto the boss with havoc.

The fights you should be playing Affliction on are fights that are purely single target, like Iron Reaver and Kormrok, and also Hellfire High Council. You will see better results as Destruction on fights like Killrog and Zhul'horac.

The reason your damage is lower than other peoples in those logs is because you don't have your legendary ring yet. Once you get your ring, your objective in every fight is to line up Dark Soul with the ring cooldown every single time, especially as Destruction. As Affliction it's basically the same thing, but you also want whatever you're Drain Souling to have Haunt on them as well. I would also suggest not using the class trinket as Affliction, as it greatly reduces the uptime of drain soul due to constantly using GCD's to reapply Dots, and you are severely punished if any Dots manage to drop off.

If you have Haunting Spirits up with 20+ seconds remaining and you have 3+ shards, you can use Haunt again if the boss doesn't have the debuff. It'll increase your dps by a lot. Just make sure you don't starve yourself so you can use Soulburn: Haunt again when your buff drops off. This only applies when you DON'T have Dark Soul active though.

Hope this helped.

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