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is my affliction right? (help please)

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Nuzzyfutts(epidemics#1853)- Bleeding Hollow
Stat Priority Mastery=Multistrike>intell>haste>crit>ver
haste 15.47%
Cloak,Neck,Ringx2- Gift of multistrike
Weapon- Mark of Bleeding Hollow
Trinkets: 670 pvp trinks atm.
+549 to stam
+244 to mastery
Which is best two 700 pvp trinkets for affliction warlock?
T-15 I use harvest life 50% more dmg 100% healing from drain life. Also use glyph of drain life to increase healing another 100% from drain life. Should i keep this or use dark regen?
T-30 Shadowfury for stuns enough said.
T-45 Dark Bargin, Sacrifical Pact, Soul Link? Im in question. Which is best? I use Dark Bargin ATM.
T-60 Blood Horror over burning rush & unbound will? who needs extra dmg and use trink for impairing effects am i right?
T-75 Grimoire Sacrifice cause it increases Drain life and Drain soul by 25% but i sacrifice pet? is this worth it or should i use Grimore of service or supremacy?
T-90 Archimonde’s Darkness for 2 Dark soul Charges or should i use Kil’Jaedens Cunning to allow movement during cast time to help LoS?
T-100 Soulburn:Haunt i have understanding what it does, But if im using Grimore of Sacrifice should i use Demonic Servitude?
Drain life – Stacked with Harvest Life (talent) increases healing 200% does it work like this?
Soul Swap- 27 more seconds to swap souls?
Unstable Affliction- Reduce cast time by 25%

So should i open with Dots then Haunt? or haunt the Dot?
Which pet is best used for PvP?( i know based on talents) just looking for feedback.
Before Any Combat open Gates and Demon Tele to help LoS casters and melee

Please add any comments bout anything i might have wrong.

Thank you,
Nuzzyfutts(epidemics#1853)- Bleeding Hollow

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