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Another dps issue - War Fury

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Hi there!


As stated in the title I have a dps issue with my fury war. Having a 695 ilvl, I'm often between 22 and 27k dps, fluctuating according to which fight I'm in...


Here's my armory link : http://eu.battle.net/wow/fr/character/archimonde/Kachiko/simple

and my lattest fight : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11004112/latest/#boss=1777


I think I'm following - more or less - the rotation seen on Icy Veins, but I know I lack something, that's obvious.

I understood I had to spam bloodthirst / enrage asap, then wild strike to make my rage go down when i'm above 90, and raging blow, bloodsurge and exec when it procs with sudden death. I don't know what I'm lacking and I really feel like a burden when I raid with my guild mates in NM. I don't want to be top dps but I don't want anymore to always be the last^^


Thanks for your precious help and advices mates!! ;)

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Hello Kachiko,


I'm no fury expert but here are my two cents.

Just by looking at your log, you seem to have AoE talents for a single target fight (Zakuun). You should replace Bladestorm with Bloodbath and replace Dragon Roar with Storm Bolt as those two talents are better suited for single target fights.


Additionally, I see you did prepot which is always a good thing. However, you should aim to also use the strength potion at BL too. You used a healthstone which shows you either screwed up tactically or your healers aren't capable of keeping you up.


You shouldn't use Berserker Rage on CD. Instead, try to maintain the Enrage buff for 100% uptime if possible. TL;DR Don't use Berserker Rage for the Raging Blows, but use it for the Enrage buff when you are unlucky with bloodthirst.


Also, having you gear enchanted / gemmed is also a huge plus. Your weapons aren't enchanted!


Hope these humble tips could help you improve your deeps! Good luck :D

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