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Please helpl with my elemental shaman

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I'm having some issues with my dps on my elemental shaman. I've been playing this class/spec since wrath and I didn't have this problem until WoD. I feel like I should be doing better and I don't want to hold my guild back from progressing in mythics so any help would be appreciated. I don't mind constructive criticism but please no trolls. Thanks in advance! armory


warcraft logs for last mythic iron reaver kill

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      So, I am at 634 ilvl, and unless I am aoe'ing, I am not exceeding anyone elses DPS. Also, I am not changing my rotation and I seem to be having inconsistent dps numbers in similar (or same) boss fights. Is this an elemental shaman problem, or am I doing it wrong? I am following the guide to a "T".
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      I am not going to be doing any flex, 10 man or 25 man, as I do not want to join a riading guild and I am never on in time for pugs.
      My question tonight has to do with weapon choice, for an elemental shaman, who's rotation closely follows the one here on IcyVeins, would it be better to continue to use the staff that I am using or switch to a same level mace/shield or mace/offhand combo?  When I am in game and trying to see the differences, it is hard for me to determine. 
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