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What trinket/talents for Archimonde fight?

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So I'm a destro warlock and I think that charred remains + sac is good on archimonde but I could be wrong?


I also don't know what trinkets I should be using for Archimonde. I'm using his class trinket at the moment but really struggling to make use of it unless I'm tunnelling boss which I shouldn't.


Does anyone know the best trinket combination for Archimonde's fight? I think one of them is DSI but I don't have it yet.

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You doing heroic, normal? Mythic? If you're doing mythic ignore everything I write because I have no clue about the mechanics. The following would be for heroic/normal:


If you're going destro then yes sac/CR. No question about it. Class trinket sorta blows for Archimonde imo, if you're destro. I mean, I personally like the class trinket more than others seem to around here; but not on Arch as destro: killing adds is what kills Arch in the end, so the class trinket isn't great. Keeping it up on Arch probably means you aren't doing your add job correctly. So I'd try for a different trinket.


DSI for sure. Mythic GSR would also be great. A stat stick would also be pretty good imo, CSP, especially if its socketed and/or wf. Or the trinket off reaver is good too. I like these for Arch because you get the full weight of these trinkets on every single add you're trying to burn down. Not true with proc trinkets (but again, DSI is still a priority trinket slot, not 2 stat sticks).


I'm of the opinion that CSP is undervalued by many raiders in normal/heroics. It's actually quite good; better than many that drop from heroic bosses. I got a CSP off Kazzak that is wf w/socket. Those stats are pretty sweet. I personally don't like the other trinkets that drop this tier; they seem inconsistent or gimmicky for this tier, or just don't seem to work out too well for me.


Get DSI asap; it's that good and useable on every single fight this tier. Second slot I'd go for mythic GSR or CSP off Kazzak. (Iron Reaver trinket as another option). Having said that, I don't raid all that much now; maybe thinking has changed or some nerf/buff exists i'm not aware of. My guildies are taking a break, playing Starcraft while waiting for Legion.

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