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Gronntooth War Horn

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Did a couple quick simulations using just my character, with no items upgraded.

*In case anyone is wondering, you can set the target race to Demon in the SimC options pane.


Fury ST:

Heroic Socketed WB + Heroic Warforged EDH: 86,817

Heroic Socketed WB + Gronntooth: 83,924

Heroic Warforged EDH + Gronntooth: 82,611


Arms ST:

Heroic Socketed WB + Mythic Socketed Hunger: 85,860

Heroic Socketed WB + Gronntooth: 85,757

Mythic Socketed Hunger + Gronntooth: 82,526


Couple things to note:

  • Gronntooth War Horn at L100 is ilvl 715, not 800. Use the slider on the Wowhead page to get the appropriate stats.

  • Gronntooth War Horn cannot be upgraded, raid gear can.

  • If you can guarantee uptime by getting killing blows against Demon adds, it's value will increase exponentially. However, it requires you to get the actual killing blow, which even with Execute isn't exactly reliable.

  • AoE tests pending, but I'm going to say it's probably better than EDH for Mythic Mannoroth, simply due to the high amount of Demon adds, and how little EDH contributes to Bladestorm.


TLDR: Gronntooth is very good for Arms, less so for Fury. If you have Heroic trinkets or lower, consider using it, if you're already sitting in Mythic gear, you probably don't need it.

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Just want to note this:

The heirloom trinkets aren't completely supported in Simulation Craft yet, considering the Agility one has already been hotfixed, and the spell data regarding their proc rate is rather......confusing.  The strength one is about 40-50% uptime from what I've gathered, the Intellect one is about the same, and the Agility one is at about 30% uptime, however, there really isn't enough data to support this one way or another, as they've been out for very little time really.

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So I'm sitting with Normal EDH and WB right now (haven't been lucky in the trinket department since I raid with 6 different toons so I'm always not around when they drop on heroic).  The heirloom just dropped.  Should I use it or keep with what I have? I know on fights like Xhul and Assault Fel Burn from EDH does a great amount of damage.

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