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More 5.2 PTR raid testing and previews

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Recently, we got to do some more raid testing on the PTR, and we've released a few more video previews for some of the bosses, namely Tortos, Megaera, Twin Consorts, and Lei Shen.



Twin Consorts:

Lei Shen:

We have also tested all the remaining bosses, and we'll be releasing previews for those as well over the coming week.

10-man normal mode testing is done on the PTR, but 25-man, heroic, and LFR are still coming.

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      I made a video outlining all of the bosses in ToT and hunter-specific tips that will help you maintain high uptime and DPS, as well as a few general things you can do to help out your raid.

      If you feel like having a look, here's the link (keep in mind, it's very lengthy - all bosses on heroic, Ra-den included).

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      Lords of the Exodar, founded at the end of BC, is a 10 man raiding guild on Duskwood-US comprised of a tight-knit clan of friends with the drive of creating a casual progression environment. We seek out players who do not rely on gear to overcome game mechanics, but rather achieve success through hard work, practice, and research.
      We are looking to expand our roster for Mythic SoO in the prepatch and in Warlords.. Lords of the Exodar is looking for folks that are ready and willing to have a good time, working together to do content that applies to them. While raiding is one of the main activities which brings us together, many of our members frequently assist each other in leveling, running old content for transmog or achievements, arenas, and Challenge Modes. 

      What we offer:
      Mature atmosphere Casual Heroic Progression  At least one night a week of raiding: Wednesday or Sunday (depending on schedules) - 20:30 -00:30 Server Time (19:30 - 23:30 CST) Players willing to run old content Lvl 25 Guild Perks What we are looking for:
      2 - 3 Healers (any class) for progression Dps to fill our 20 man roster We welcome all, regardless of class or spec, so please do not be turned off by this list. Family and work schedules often place our roster in flux, therefore we love having a pool of dedicated players to join the main raiding team. We also appreciate the time members put into learn the fights from sources, such as this, to make the most of our raid time and to make it more enjoyable. While we are a modest guild with a casual raiding schedule, we insist that a high level of preparation be taken for raids. When it is all said and done, we want our raiding experience to be a fun one, so we try to aim for the best, within reason, with a nice mixture of hardcore and casual policies.
      How to join:
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      The Inner Circle is a serious raiding guild with one goal, to clear all current content. We operate as a team working together to make raiding as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
      A raid is only as strong as the weakest link which is why we seek skilled players who strive to push their class to the limit and match the amount of effort invested by the other raiders.
      We use a council loot system to ensure loot is dealt with fairly based on earning it though attendance and performance, allowing us to gear the players that encourage the guilds progression.
      Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Mondays. (19.30-00.00 server time)
      Note: Raid times may differentiate during progress weeks and we might push hours or put up an extra raid day if we feel we need it to kill a progress boss.
      Current Recruitment requirements
      - Strong healers (R Druid. H Pala pref)
      - Any strong ranged DPS (mage lock hunter)
      we are currently asking that any skilled applicants apply as we are always looking to optimise our raid core to create the best 10 man comp.
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      If you feel you have what it takes to compete with our current roster feel free to make an application, every exceptional applicant will be considered.
      Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon.
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      you can also catch any of our leadership in game or battletag "AzaxUK#2269" if not "crossfire#2225"
    • By Damien
      This thread is meant to collect useful pieces of information for Arcane, Fire, and Frost Mages attempting bosses in the Throne of Thunder. We will add some contributions ourselves and hope that the rest will come from comments in this thread

      Table of Contents
      Jin'rokh the Breaker Horridon Council of Elders Tortos Megaera Ji-Kun Durumu the Forgotten Primordius Dark Animus Iron Qon Twin Consorts Lei Shen
      Jin'rokh the Breaker
      Normal mode
      Useful talents:
      Blazing Speed helps you reposition yourself quickly. Fire and Frost Mages have several instant-cast spells in their rotation. As such, they have more innate mobility than Arcane Mages and may prefer to use Presence of Mind as a DPS cooldown. Ice Barrier or Temporal Shield Greater Invisibility Living Bomb Useful glyphs: Glyph of Blink Glyph of Combustion for Fire Mages will allow you to better line up Combustion with the spawning rate of the Conductive Waters. Glyph of Icy Veins for Frost Mages so that, Icy Veins used along with Heroism will not result in wasted GCDs. Tips and Tricks: Use your cooldowns in the Conductive Waters. Blink to quickly come back to the Conductive Waters after kiting a Focused Lightning. If you chose Ice Barrier as your Tier 2 talent, use it to reduce the damage you take from the explosion of Focused Lightning. If you used Temporal Shield as your Tier 2 talent, use it before a Focused Lightning hits you or use it when the channel of Lightning Storm begins. It does not consume a Global Cooldown, so that's an advantage over Ice Barrier. Use Greater Invisibility when Lightning Storm starts. Heroic modeUseful Talents
      Blazing Speed helps you to get out of trouble easily during Lightning Storm. You will want to have Cold Snap to be your Tier 4 talent. Because of the additional movement to the fight Invocation will pull ahead of the others. Useful GlyphsThere is no change compared to normal mode. Tips and TricksP1 - Without puddles
      You will just perform your standard rotation standing somewhere around where the tank will land on Thundering Throw. Keep in mind, not to stand directly on the spot, because you will take damage and get stunned for ~5 seconds. Get in the water as soon as possible. If you get a ball fixated on you during this phase, try to put it near the wall, using Ice Barrier or Temporal Shield before it hits you. Invocate before the water spawns, to have maximum DPS uptime on the boss with the increased damage. P2 - Standing in the puddle You will want to pop your cooldowns and burn the boss. After a few seconds, the boss will use Ionization. Here, you will use your Ice Block. It is mandatory to use it before Ionization being applied. If you use Ice Block too late, you will explode in the puddle, wiping the raid. Once the cast is finished, you can use the following macro IMMEDIATELY.#showtooltip Cold Snap
      /cancelaura Ice Block
      /cast Cold Snap
      After Ionization you just DPS the boss, occasionally kiting balls out of the pool. On the second puddle, your Ice Block will be ready (because you have reset by Cold Snap), just do the same thing again, as on the first puddle. On the third water, it will be a bit tight. Your Cold Snap will off of CD like only 5-10 seconds before the Ionization, so be ready to use it. Then, of course you will be able to Ice Block the 3rd Ionization. The 4th Ionization does not matter since if you don't kill the boss before it runs out, you will hit the berserk timer anyways. P3 - Lightning storm Use your Ice Barrier/Temporal Shield on CD, but more importantly when you know you WILL get hit by an unavoidable ball. Try to keep your dots and debuffs on the target, but make sure to actually stay alive. Use Blazing Speed to get out of trouble. Links: Jin'rokh the Breaker Strategy
      Useful talents: Ice Floes is very useful when moving from one door to the next. Blazing Speed and Presence of Mind are also viable. Flameglow Greater Invisibility Nether Tempest Useful glyphs: Glyph of Ice Lance (Frost Mages) Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Inferno Blast (Fire Mages) Glyph of Remove Curse Glyph of Counterspell Tips and Tricks: Nether Tempest or Frost Mages will do a lot of cleave damage with Ice Lance. Also, Frozen Orb should be used wisely, where the adds have started piling up. A problem occurs against the Drakkari Trolls (3rd door), as the Drakkari Frozen Lords spawn a similar orb. Tanks have a tendency to confuse these orbs with yours and they will often move the adds away from your Frozen orb. You can also use your Water Elemental Freeze spell to get extra Fingers of Frosts on 1st and 3rd door. Fire Mages should focus on spreading Combustion with Inferno Blast at the right moment (i.e., when there are at least 4 enemies around your current target). Use Counterspell to interrupt the Dinomancer's Dino-Mending, as the melee are usually busy interrupting the adds. Use Remove Curse on the Amani door to help with Hex of Confusion. Glyph of Remove Curse removes the DPS penalty of casting Remove Curse. Use Greater Invisibility to reduce damage taken and dispel DoTs on you. Links: Horridon Strategy
      Council of Elders
      Useful talents: Flameglow Ring of Frost Cold Snap is great because it allows you one more use of Ice Block for removing Biting Cold. Nether Tempest. Incanter's Ward is viable in this fight. Simply stand in Quicksand whenever you need to consume your shield. Useful glyphs: Glyph of Ice Lance (Frost Mages): to do some cleave damage on the bosses Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Slow (Arcane Mages): to slow down the Loa Spirits Glyph of Cone of Cold if you can stay in melee range of the stacked bosses. Tips and Tricks: Keep Nether Tempest on as many targets as possible. Biting Cold can be removed with Ice Block, but not Frostbite. Use Flamestrike when 3 or 4 of the bosses are together. Use glyphed Cone of Cold on cooldown, if you can stay in melee range of the stacked up bosses. Frost Mages can use their Water Elemental's Freeze to freeze the Loa Spirit, followed by Deep Freeze to incapacitate them for 5 seconds, making it easy to nuke them. Use Frozen Orb on the bosses that are stacked up to have more Fingers of Frost charges, Links: Council of Elders Strategy
      Useful talents: Blazing Speed is great for this fight, as you have to move very often. Temporal Shield Ice Barrier Nether Tempest Invocation. You will have to try to Evocate before a Quake Stomp if you have to soon. Try to position yourself on the edge of the boss room, avoiding lots of movement and turtles. Useful glyphs: Glyph of Ice Lance (Frost Mages): for cleave damage Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Inferno Blast (Fire Mages): for cleave damage Glyph of Slow (Arcane Mages): to slow one focused turtle effectively. Tips and Tricks: For the bats, just cast Frost Bomb.
      Frost Mages should use Frozen Orb and spend keep attacking Tortos to consume all their stacks of Fingers of Frost. If possible, try to cast your Water Elemental's Freeze right when Frost Bomb (if you chose it as your Tier 5 talent) is about to expire. If you did not choose Frost Bomb as your talent, you can still use Freeze to generate 2 Fingers of Frost. Try to use it, before you finish Flamestrike cast on them. Cast 1-1 Frostbolt on the turtles, effectively slowing them for 15 seconds, greatly helping your raid. Fire Mages should try and get Combustion up on Tortos with a good ignite as the turtles spawn. They will spawn from under Tortos, so it will be possible to spread Combustion and Ignite to a few of them. Use Ice Barrier or Temporal Shield before Quake Stomp. Make a macro to cast Temporal Shield and Incanter's Ward. They have the same cooldown and Temporal Shield is off the global cooldown. Links: Tortos Strategy
      Useful talents: Talk to your healers to see which of your Tier 2 talents they would prefer you to take. They seem to perform roughly the same overall.
      Temporal Shield is great for Rampage phases. Ice Barrier is great for mitigation during Rampage and Acid Rain Flameglow is good for an all-around damage reduction. Greater Invisibility is great for mitigating the damage of Rampage. Cauterize can also save your life, if your healers are slow on dispeling Cinders. Living Bomb Useful glyphs: Glyph of Evocation is a good minor self heal. Glyph of Blink can be useful when you have to kite blue beams. Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Tips and Tricks: Use Ice Block for the final Rampage. Frozen Orb (Frost Mages) seems bugged on this encounter. Try using it during Rampage, when you are stacked up and drop it between the two heads. This will result in an increased amount of Fingers of Frost charges. Use Alter Time to effectively heal yourself during a Rampage. Links: Megaera Strategy
      Normal mode
      Useful talents:
      Blazing Speed for Down Draft (in conjunction with Blink if you need it) Ice Barrier Greater Invisibility for surviving every other Quills (Arcane) Rune of Power Living Bomb or Nether Tempest for cleave damage on Nests. Useful glyphs: Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Ice Lance (Frost Mages): for cleave on nests damage. Glyph of Cone of Cold: for cleave damage on nests. Tips and Tricks: It is a very easy fight, as you normally do not have to jump down for the eggs. So you can just burn the boss. Use Blink and Blazing Speed during Down Draft. Use Ice Barrier to reduce the damage from Caw and Quills. You can also use it to reduce the damage you receive from soaking Feed Young pools. Greater Invisibility is probably best used for mitigating the damage from Quills, but it can also be used to remove the slimed debuff you can from soaking Feed Young pools. Use Ice Block to prevent the damage from the last Quills. Use Slow Fall if you are about to miss harder nests or the platform. Use your cooldowns, when you have Primal Nutriment buff on you. If you decide to go and get the wings buff, try time your flying so that you catch the damage buff AND that the boss casts down draft. When down draft starts and just before your flying buff wears off, be just few pixels above the ground so that you don't touch it. I have noticed that when you do this, down draft WON'T affect you as long as you don't move. Intended or not. Use Frozen Orb on the nests. Heroic modeUseful talents:
      Temporal Shield became as viable as Ice Barrier. It helps a lot your healers during Quills. There are no other changes compared to normal mode. Useful glyphs: There is no change compared to normal mode.Tips and tricks: The same tricks from normal mode apply to heroic mode as well.
      You will definitely have to leave the platform at least ~4 times in this encounter. Try to line up your movement to the main platform or to the higher platforms, when Feed Young is being casted. You don't necessarily have to use a feather when coming up from lower nests. Simply jumping down will result in a lower uptime on boss, but the extra Primal Nutriment buff will compensate the damage lost, especially if you line up your CDs with it. Also, you can reach every lower platform easily by jumping only, so you can save up to 4 feathers. Use Nether Tempest on every egg, or simply use Frost Bomb. Use Temporal Shield on every Quills. Use Blazing Speed and/or Blink to move away from Caw. You can use Alter Time when you are full on health before Quills to effectively heal yourself. Links: Ji-Kun Strategy
      Durumu the Forgotten
      Useful talents: Blazing Speed is very useful if you fall behind during the maze phase or if you get targeted by Force of Will and Lingering Gaze. Greater Invisibility or Cauterize (there really is no reason to use Cold Snap). Incanter's Ward or Invocation. Living Bomb Temporal Shield can be used while being stunned by Life Drain, effectively healing yourself back. Useful glyphs: Glyph of Arcane Explosion (Arcane Mages) Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Cone of Cold (Frost Mages): to get some extra DPS on maze phase if you don't have time to cast anything. Tips and Tricks: Use Blink often and effectively. If you choose Invocation as your Tier 6 talent, make sure to evocate before the maze phase. Use Mirror Image on Maze phase. (It should be off of cooldown if you used it before pull.) If you are unlucky and get hit by a Force of Will after soaking Life Drain, you can use Blink immediately to stay on the platform. Make sure to remove Glyph of Momentum. (Arcane) During the maze phases, you can take the path closest to the boss and spam Arcane Explosion (extending its range with Glyph of Arcane Explosion is very useful), all the while casting Arcane Barrage on cooldown. (Frost) Make sure Frozen Orb is up during the two maze phases. Stay in the melee path during maze, so taht you will have time to cast Frostbolt from time to time. Links: Durumu the Forgotten Strategy
      Useful talents: Greater Invisibility to remove Volatile Pathogen. Cauterize is also a viable choice, it can save your life if your healers cannot heal you up in time while having Volatile Pathogen. Nether Tempest Rune of Power or Invocation Useful glyphs: Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Ice Lance (Frost Mages) Tips and Tricks: Apply Nether Tempest on the bloods. Save your cooldowns for when you first get fully mutated and focus on getting mutated as soon as possible (by killing only bloods, ignoring Primordius). Try to stay around the middle of the room, this should guarantee minimal movement. Watch our for the Volatile Pools. Frost mages should try and drop their Frozen Orb on a bigger pack of bloods to get insane amount of Fingers of Frost charges. Remove Glyph of Momentum because the area is bugged and you will sometimes Blink backwards instead of forward with this glyph. Links: Primordius Strategy
      Dark Animus
      Useful talents: Ice Barrier Rune of Power or Invocation Nether Tempest, because it will not cleave the inactive golems. Greater Invisibility Useful glyphs: Glyph of Armors: for increased damage reduction while tanking golem. Glyph of Evocation: because sometimes you will find yourself having to do nothing better, ans this glyph also helps self healing while tanking a golem. Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Tips and Tricks: You can use Alter Time to swap back to your original position (with your original health) when swapped. Ice Barrier can also mitigate most of its damage. Finally, you can Blink to a better vantage point after being swapped. Use cooldowns at the start, when it is mandatory to kill one of the adds on the tank very fast. After that, save cooldowns and Time Warp for when the boss activates. Make sure the add that you are tanking is not hitting you from the back. Frost mages and Arcane mages can use Molten Armor to reduce the damage taken from tanking the add. Make sure to switch back to the more beneficial armor, after the tank taunted your add. Use Ice Barrier on cooldown while tanking, because you will not suffer from cast time delay while the shield holds. Later on, use Ice Barrier on Interrupting Jolt and Matter Swaps. Frost mages can make their pets tank with Glyph of Water Elemental for a few seconds before it dies. But make sure you will be the next on the aggro table once it dies and don't forget to resummon it. Use Greater Invisibility and Ice Block on Interrupting Jolt. Links: Dark Animus Strategy
      Iron Qon
      Useful talents: Blazing Speed is very useful during the Windstorm. Greater Invisibility Living Bomb Ice Barrier for great damage mitigation. Incanter's Ward or Invocation. Useful glyphs: Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Water Elemental (Frost Mages) Glyph of Blink: if you didn't choose Blazing Speed as your talent. Glyph of Evocation can be useful after getting out of Windstorm or if you have nothing better to do because of an unlucky Dead zone shield on the boss. Tips and Tricks: Use Blink to
      get over the fire/lightning/frost lines created by Ignite Spear; stack/unstack during Ro'shak; avoid Throw Spear. get into a better position on Dead Zone shields. Use Greater Invisibility to remove the debuffs you receive when walking on the fire/lightning/frost lines. Use Ice Barrier on
      the 2nd Unleashed Flame in a row; before Windstorm; Freeze explosions; and Fist Smash. Use Greater Invisibility and Ice Block when your healers ask you to, during Fist Smashs. You can use Alter Time before Windstorm being casted, and then you can use it again to get into a safe position instantly to avoid dodging and running. Links: Iron Qon Strategy
      Twin Consorts
      Useful talents: Blazing Speed is useful if you are painting, otherwise Presence of Mind. Living Bomb. Invocation or Rune of Power. Useful glyphs: Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Ice Lance (Frost Mages) Tips and Tricks: Blink a lot to avoid fire/comets/waves/sleepydust. During the Darkness Phase, you can apply your Tier 5 talent on Suen when she appears to cast Tears of the Sun, but it appears that this is not possible when she appears to cast Light of Day. Links: Twin Consorts Strategy
      Lei Shen
      Useful talents: Blazing Speed will be a life saver many times. Greater Invisibility Invocation Living Bomb Useful glyphs: Glyph of Icy Veins (Frost Mages) Glyph of Ice Lance (Frost Mages) Glyph of Water Elemental (Frost Mages) Glyph of Cone of Cold Tips and Tricks: Use Blink to:
      move away from Thunderstruck, Lightning whip; catch Bouncing Bolt; stack faster on Ball Lightning; get through the Overcharge ring. Use Greater Invisibility and Ice Block to be able to take the damage from Static Shock alone and in the last phase in emergency situations, like Thunderstruck. Use Frozen Orb when Ball lightnings spawn, from second phase. Adds spawning in transition phases can be rooted and stunned. Frost mages can use Water Elemental's Freeze spell, followed up by a Deep Freeze to effectively CC these adds. Kiting them is also pretty easy. Use Blazing Speed during the whole fight to effectively reposition yourself, especially during the last phase. Links: Lei Shen Strategy Ra-Den
      Useful talents
      Living Bomb. Share your thoughts.Useful glyphs
      Share your thoughts.
      Tips and tricks
      Share your thoughts.

      08 July 2013: Updated the guide to reflect the suggested Mage Bombs by Blatty. 25 May 2013: Updated the guide to reflect 5.3 Mage Bomb changes. Added many new tips and finished the missing bosses. Even more tips for Frost Mages by Oltier. Added tips for Ji-Kun and Iron Qon from Tpesa. Added heroic Ji-kun tips. 23 May 2013: Added tips for Jin-rokh heroic. 28 Mar. 2013: Added tips from Mit213 for most of the fights. 22 Mar. 2013: Advised Greater Invisibility instead of Cold Snap for the fight against Horridon. Added tips from specialk for the last six bosses (except Lei Shen). 15 Mar. 2013: Biting Cold can be removed with Ice Block, but not Frostbite. Thanks to Muphrid for clarifying that point. 15 Mar. 2013: Added tips from Justinkase for Horridon. 14 Mar. 2013: Added tips from specialk for the first six bosses. Added tip from matiyica on Horridon.
    • By Zank707
      Alrighty guys... Quick question... I can't really seem to get this trinket to work right.... Here's a link to my armory page.. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysera/Callador/advanced.. What do I need to do to make this damn trinket maximize my dps (stat wise) My highest stat is Mastery is 6535 unbuffed...(59.13%) and Crit is 3823 unbuffed (27.70) Minus the 5% bonus from cat form and Haste is at 1176 (2.77%) unbuffed.... I know when it procs I reapply bleeds and bwam.. I'm supposed to magically have rediculousy more dps.. But I'm not seeing it... Even with raid buffs and flask and food... Could someone please help me out?
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