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Tsulong HC as Destro

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Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips or pointers on this fight as Destruction.

I am usually using Affliction for all fights, however I can see that destruction is doing very well on this fight.

Thank you in advance.

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I have not done the fight on heroic yet. I'm not even sure of the changes from just normal mode, and am at work so can't look and wrap my mind around it.

But if it helps on normal, I try to snipe as many kb's off the adds with shadow burns in day phase, and use havok shadow burns when possible

around the start to spend. Towards the end, I start pooling the embers so I'm hopefully pretty close to a full for going into night. At night start, I

throw coe, immo.....and then just blow personal cd's for 4 cbs....But like I said, not sure how different heroic is. Hope this helps? I play

destruction only for all fights currently.....we just aren't into heroic progression yet, cause we started late.


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