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Hey all, was wondering if anybody could help.  I have a new level 100 Hunter who's feeling a bit naked right now, wearing unfortunately untransmogrified gear.  {Seriously, the Baleful mail set is pretty damn unfortunate.}  His pets and mounts all followed a bird theme, for the most part, so I wanted to reflect that in his gear.  I've found a few sets which *might* work -- the closest being Kavem's Mail and its recolors, which are more evocative of feathers than actually feathered -- but none really grab me.  Yes, I'm aware of Gryphon Mail, but the main set's colors make it look more like fallen leaves than feathers to me, and its recolors are incomplete [the best looking one, the blue set, only has shoulders ;_;].


Everywhere I look, fur and scales.  Where's the love for the birds, Blizz?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


ETA: I'm also aware of the Regalia of the Firebird, which looks like it has a full lookalike set that I can get ... in the fullness of time.  As a fresh 100 I'm not going to be soloing Tier 14 content any time soon :)  But yes, that's my long-term goal.  More likely than not, what I'll be wearing in Legion rather than for the end of WoD.

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