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wow WoW: Legion - Post-BlizzCon Review

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Two weeks have passed since BlizzCon 2015, and we look back at some of the things we've learned about the next World of Warcraft expansion - Legion.


First, Icy Veins took the time to ask some questions of the developers at BlizzCon. During that interview, we found out:

  1. Plans exist to improve collection 'systems'. The new transmog system, management of 'unlearned' profession recipes, tabard closet, and possibly more are all getting facelifts in Legion.
  2. Transmog will be sorted by appearance. You can right-click on the appearance you want your gear to have to select the particular item you prefer in the event that multiple versions of the same appearance exist!
  3. Professions may be able to create Legendary items. The devs are considering allowing professions to craft some of the more Diablo-style Legendary items that are coming in Legion (since Artifacts have, in many ways, taken the role of Legendaries as they have existed in MoP and WoD).

Legion cinematic trailer.


Blizzard has already posted previews of the Artifacts and class features coming in Legion. Some beta build information (initial spell/talent data, items, etc.) has become available - check out MMO-Champion for details. The Curse network also has a WIP talent calculator for Legion.


(As an aside, Legion excitement and the impending beta have caused a surge in NA WoW Token prices, with a nearly 60% increase occurring overnight.)


Legion appears to be lifting a lot of ideas from Diablo III, including its new Challenge Mode system. Challenge Modes will work like Diablo Rifts, scaling up in difficulty indefinitely. This type of scaling maintains growing relevance even as gear gets better! How rewards will scale is unclear at this point, but the developers presented it during the Legion panels at BlizzCon as a 'meaningful' alternative to raiding.




Blizzard's focuses in Legion discussions have been on Artifacts, Class Halls, the Demon Hunter, spec 'fantasy', and all of the new systems (wardrobe, professions, etc.).

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