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Fury at my Fury DPS

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Hi, and 1st off sorry for being another poster asking for help with their Warrior.


If there is anyone who can help with advice on this I would appreciate it.


Currently my ilvl is at 710, and when raid buffed I'm sat at 29.7% crit, 12%haste and 40% mastery, yet my dps on HC Archiemond sits around 38/43k DPS. I've been in fights with people of a similar ilvl doing around 50k+. I would appreciate it if someone could off some advice (short of change class or game :D ) in sorting this out as I feel like I should be doing a lot higher damage than I am.





I can't find a log for last nights Archie wipe (or the other 7 wipes) and the most relevant log I can find is from when I was 704.




Thank you for looking and I hope you can help.

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Hi, I'm new in this forum but let's see if I can help you.smile.png I have a similar Item-Level (710) and normally do about 50k+ dps on Archi easily.


Equip and stats:

Good weapons, good trinkets (Horn is better for single Target than Chorus ), Legendary Ring. So far, so good. wink.png


You need 2 more parts of the T18 set and you still wear a lot of NHC stuff but that shouldn't bother too much.
You should always try to get armor with Mastery + Crit since Mastery is by far the best secondary stat. But of course you put on the HC stuff that drops because higher item level = more strength = best. wink.png

I would always take the Mastery weapon enchant since it's a procc.

Also values at Mr. Robot and the Armory differ. I think Mr. Robot is bugged. Look at your stats ingame and if you have more than 25% crit (unbuffed) drop some of your crit enchants and go for Mastery. You also have the Class Trinket so try to avoid Haste on Gear.

All in all I would say that your Gear is OK. It must be something else.



-> Try to get the 4-Parts Bonus. It's great!

-> Try to get the Horn from Mannoroth and use that for Single Target fights. I would also use it for Archimonde.

-> Go for Mastery Enchants but try to stay at around 25% Crit unbuffed. Get the Mastery Weapon Enchant 2 Times. They won't collide with each other, I tested it.

-> Upgrade your Weapons with Points first, then your Trinkets.

-> At the same Item Level, prefer Armor with Mastery. After that Crit>Multi>Versatility>Haste.





- Stormbolt is best against 1 Target and if you are often not at meelee range. I would take Dragon Roar for this fight. Try to hit at least an Add and Archi with it. Or 2 or more Adds.

- Bladestorm is best DPS wise against many Targets, yes. But since it is most important that specific adds die, I always use Bloodbath on Archi.

- Anger Management isn't that good anymore. Take Siegebreaker for Single Target and Ravager for Multiple Targets. As said before, I always use single target talents (except Dragon Roar) at Archi because the Adds must die fast.You also need max single Target Dmg at the End.



I'd say there must be something about your rotation or about the fight, normally you should be able to do 50k dps with your gear.
Will have to check your logs in detail tomorrow, first things I see now are:

- Ring was active 3 Times, but you only used Recklessness with It once (Second 350). Thats where you did the second most DPS in the fight! Most DPS at sec 270 is without any Buffs I can see. Suspect It's a Bladestorm with many Adds around.

-> Time Reck with the Ring at the beginning, also take Bloodbath and time it with Reck. Always stack as much Proccs and Cooldowns as possible. (Without sitting on one for more then around 30 Seconds, that's not worth it)


You can use Bloodbath 2 Times until Reck is ready again. It's best used when Adds apppear that have to die soon. If they die before your Ticks have vanished take Avatar.


Of course it's now tempting to take Anger Management because Reck has 3 min cooldown and the Ring 2, but it's still not worth it in my opinion. You also won't need it with the Full Set Bonus. wink.png

- At second 160 you did nearly nothing while the Ring was active. Huge DPS loss. Guess you weren't able to get in range somehow (maybe fire or one of those mountains). Things like that happen sometimes, but try to avoid that at all costs. You can Jump, Intervene to an Ally, Charge. Be persistent!


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