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WW monk struggling with dps

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Hello everyone, 
I have been starting to do mythic raids, and my dps is way lower then the rest of my guilds + what i should be achieving on my monk, Compared to simcraft for my gear i should be at around 70k. 

I wouldn't say I was used to ww, however i have read all the guides on here but I'm missing something.


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/G1YTxjtMHvawNRQm#type=damage-done&fight=27&source=53

Character: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Lorele%C3%AD/advanced


 I expect people to say my fof casts are low and need to be increased, but I don't really know how, I track when its coming off cool-down, I try and pool chi to get some so i don't waste time  before casting...  Sometimes however it just does not work for me. I end up having to use two globals before i can cast fof due to lack of chi. 
Am i meant to sit at 3+ chi for all the fight and use that spare chi on fof? 

Also does someone have a macro i can use to cast zen sphere on either myself or focus target using alt to self cast? 

Thanks for any help.



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Hey Lorelei! :)

I'm not a pro WW monk player, but i've noticed a couple of things in your logs:

- You use your first tigerbrew 46 seconds into the pull. One thing you should aim for is to always use brew stacks before using FoF, even when below 10 stacks. 

- Another thing is that you're running with ascencion + serenity on killrog, i'd say Chi Brew is better with Serenity, since then you can line up faster brew stacks for your first FoF.

You opener should look something like this (starting with full chi form expel harm on pre-pull):

- Tiger strike, Rising sun kick, Chi brew --> Blackout kick --> Chi Brew --> Blackout kick --> Jab --> Tiger brew + FoF --> Jab --> Serenity + Blackoutkick spam.


About that opener, i'm sure someone more experienced will correct it a bit, but it's roughly like that.


And about chi pooling, you should always stay around 3 chi, so you're rdy for trinket proc and tigerbrew stacks.

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Oh! I didn't realise i should be using tb before fof. Ive always thought it was just 10 stacks or more, 
+ I thought that my chi dropped to 0 when the boss was pulled so ive never started with full chi ... :(
Why do you do the two blackout kicks before the first fof? why not just tigerstrike -> RSK -> Chi brew -> Fof? or even 1x blackout kick?


thanks for your response gives me a lot to think about already :D 

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The 2 blackout kicks + chi brews are to get some more tiger brews before the first FoF. 

And i've seen that opener posted somewhere from a more experienced ww monk.

And if you wanna cheese some more dps on pull you could stack some tiger brews on trash before a boss and pre cast it along with your normal pre-pot, all tho that's not always possible. )

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So I tried again last night, Did a bit better on average,https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xdb1HnDaZRqWvrVh#type=damage-done&boss=1786&wipes=1

I tried to use TB just before fof each time  I also tried starting the fight with 5 chi, but it takes a while to get there. unless im doing something wrong.. Generate 2 chi every 15 seconds. and lose one every 10?

and ill give the 2x bk before fof a shot, i tried it on a couple but yes. 
There is no trash before boss, its progression so we wipe and go back clear of trash ^_^

ty for all your help :)

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Hi, here's a bunch of tips :

_Pull with as much chi point as you can. I'm always triggering Expel Harm, even during raid lead instructions, between trashs packs, ...

_Do not aim Tigereye Brew at 10, but aim to launch it before Fists of Fury or Serenity rush.

_Encouter with lot of adds that you can Touch of Death all along ? It represents around 6k DPS (520k HP / 90 sec.)

_Do you use Touch of Karma on CD ? It represents around 3k DPS (520k HP/2 / 90sec.)

_Do you take your time to set up your illusions ? This spell is Off-GCD, so You have to cast Eart, Storm and Fire during a GCD (let's say during a BlackOut Kick), then click your target back and continue your cycle lossless.

_Do you ever hit a target with an illusion on ? You can cancel it quickly with a cancelaura macro (or right clicking your buff). It works even during Fists of Fury !

_You use Soul Capacitor trinket ? Make sure it never explodes without enemy, and it doesn't annoy you on a low life target; You can cancel it Quickly with a cancelaura macro. It even explodes when you click !

_Adapt your talents to the encounter; On solo target, Serenity & Chi Brew are good, and requires MS/Vers/crit, but not loving haste. On multi, prefer Ascencion & Chi Ex, and aim for Haste. Litteraly 2 different stuffs. Mastery is always crap.

_Do you Encapsulate every of your lethal CD into your legendary ring ? Trinket / Potion / TB / FoF / ToK / ToD / Xuen / Serenity has to be used during Maalus. For ToK, ToD and Serenity, who share a 90 sec CD, it's win/win : You can either use it on CD (90s) or delay them for ring (120s). Talk with the ring user in your raid to know each timing and accord your gameplay in order.

_Do you often lose some DPS by doing nothing ? Monk has not great spikes of DPS, but at least it's one of the best melee fighters to follow his target and never lose DPS by moving. During your chi regeneration, you can Roll, Flying Kick, put a Transcendence, or Transfer back. You also have Dampen Harm / Diffuse Magic / Zen Meditation / ToK to move freely without dying.

_Do you often cap your energy ? if so :

1) Avoid haste stat, it brings energy faster. You may prefer crit or versatility (but you will never cap Energy by using chi ex)

2) Never use Energizing Brew around a FoF. Right before, you will cap during FoF. Right after, you will have a lot of energy to spend into RSK/BOK. Of course, never use it also around a Serenity...

3) Prioritize better damages spells (Rising Sun Kick and FoF) when you almost cap energy : you don't care about saving chi at this point. Prioritize free moves (Triggered Tiger Palm and BOK) when you are energyless, it kills time.

_When you are hurted (and, in Mythic, you are A LOT), EH > Jab. Better damages, saves your life, makes you cool.

_3 targets ? Then Spinning Crane Kick > Jab. Better damages, makes you spin, makes you cool.

My logs --> https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/5271133/latest#boss=0 (check HM, I have some good fights)
My char --> http://eu.battle.net/wow/fr/character/cho%E2%80%99gall/Net/simple

Hope it helps,

Edited by Nayte

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