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New Restoration Shaman requesting help!

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Hi guys, I'm fairly new to resto shaman and want to start raiding with my guild as soon as possible. Would it be possible to get some tips and tricks etc for resto shaman and perhaps some feedback on my logs, thanks!


Urillok Armoury - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Urillok/simple


Mannoroth Logs -



Archimonde Logs - 




Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hello, Borothos, and welcome to the forums smile.png


I went through your Armory and logs and will try to give some feedback.



Unfortunately you logged off in Ele spec that makes checking your stats a bit problematic. Your gear though seems to be the Resto one.

Assuming that it is a Resto gear and the one you are using in raids, I would like to point at some issues:

1. You have a 680 blue helm equipped: change it to a Baleful or a crafted one asap. You shouldn't raid Heroic in blue gear when there are cheap epic alternatives with higher ilvl.

2. You didn't start the legendary ring chain on the shaman yet? You should do it asap too - even one reset with the catch up mechanics will make it 680 ilvl and 715 ilvl in 3 weeks.

3. I'm really not sure about your trinket choice. Well, if you don't have anything else, it's fine but these two particular trinkets wouldn't be a good choice if you have one. Try to get Demonic Phylactery (the best), Intuition Gift, Flickering Felspark, Unstable Felshadow Emulsion. Actually everything would be better right now.

Please notice, that the class trinket doesn't have any stats - primary or secondary, and its mechanic is not that awesome for a resto shaman - we have more than enough Riptides from EotE talent and tier bonus to fully maintain High Tide. Having even more Riptides with the trinket and your current healing setup in raid (two HoTers and two shielders), would provide you with nothing but more overheal.


The logs:

1. You have too many healers in raid. If it is intended for gearing as much people as possible, okay than. But if you are normally healing HC 23-m raid with 5 healers - it's a serious overhealing. There is literally nothing for you to heal so your numbers will never be 'nice' same as you wouldn't be able to practice in real healing.

2. Your HST uptime is very low. It should be always used on CD. In the logs you provided, it's 8 of 12, 7 of 13, 5 of 11.

Let's take this try when you dropped only 5 HST of 11 possible: your 5 totems made 1M of healing from 11M total. With the absent 6 totems you lost another 1M which is roughly 10% of your total healing done. More than that - you lost 1M of smart passive healing without triggering GCD or spending mana. You should pay attention to the HST management.

3. Elemental Blast. Extremely low uptime. You cast it 3 times in every fight instead of 18-24 possible. This is a huge waste of Spirit buff (except of buffing your secondaries by 500, it always increases your Spirit by 1000). I see you going OOM in every fight: one of the main reasons for it is not casting EB.

4. Raid CDs. Can't say a lot here: your uptimes are pretty low but with 5 healers it's not a surprise. I believe that you have nothing to heal with your CDs. Anyways, try to cast the max possible amount of HTT, Ascendance and SLT. Using them only once in fight is not enough.

5. A small note: it's better to use CotE talent in Tier 3 rather than Totemic Persistence. CotE gives you another 1-2 HST during a fight (250-500K of healing), Persistence gives you nothing but overhealing. I believe you were trying to use HTT and HST together but HTT always overheals, so adding a HST to it gives you nothing useful.


That's all for now.

Please don't think that you are doing bad, while there are a lot of place for improvement, they all are mostly 'technical' problems that could be solved in 1-2 runs smile.png


If you have more questions, feel free to ask!


PS: Here you can find basic tips for shamans in HFC.

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Thanks for the fast reply! I very much appreciate it and I will be sorting out many things that you have outlined in this! 


One main question is, Which of my trinkets should I replace first? Assuming both are sub-par at the moment. I currently have the 705 Flickering Felspark, so I am wondering which one to replace :) 

Also I believe that the armoury is out of date on the helm as in-game the helmet is 700 ilvl, but that doesn't really matter!


Thanks again!


Of course any more help is appreciated.

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I would replace the class trinket first, so you would get more Intellect for throughput and still have Spirit proc from the Hourglass while you are sorting the mana management.

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Hi, Pandacho! Can you help me? Please, look at my character and say: what items I can change, if I want increase haste to your level? And, answer, please, how much mastery I need in mythic? 114% unbuff - is it too much?

My character armory.

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Heyas, Saaram.

Your gear is totally fine. The difference in Haste that we have comes from some Haste enchants instead of Mastery that I have, a small difference in ilvl and different cloaks.

One thing that I would point at though, is your crafted boots: why wouldn't you reroll their stats to Haste+Mastery instead of Versatility?


To increase the Haste you can just partially change your gems and enchants to the Haste ones. 


Regarding Mythics, I'm comfortable with my amount of Mastery and don't feel like falling behind. It was fine even on Zakuun and Velhari so I wouldn't advice to sacrifice everything for additional Mastery. Just try to get Mastery+Haste gear, upgrade it with valor and play with gems and enchants to get to your comfortable level of stats.

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