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A comparison of locations between World of Warcraft and the movie "Warcraft"

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Aerial51zd has made a comparison of shots from the "Warcraft" movie trailer and screenshots from World of Warcraft, and the result is absolutely amazing!


For those of you who haven't seen this image yet, check out this compilation of locations as depicted both in the Warcraft movie and the video game. It is obvious that the setting for the film will be mostly in the Eastern Kingdoms; some of the easily recognizable locations are Elwynn Forest, Stormwind City, Westfall and Blackrock Pass.




It seems that Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment have made an effort to depict the Warcraft universe in the movie as loyally as possible to the game. We only need to wait until June 2016 to see the final outcome of their collaboration. Until then, can you spot any other familiar locations in the "Warcraft" trailer?


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    • By Stan
      We're looking at the latest class changes that went live on the Alpha. Demon Hunter's Unbound Chaos has been reworked, Balance Druid's Eclipse has changed, Felguard's Axe Toss can now interrupt dungeon/raid bosses, and more. 
      Demon Hunter
      Fodder to the Flame pool now lasts 30 seconds. Unbound Chaos has been reworked: Activating Immolation Aura will cause your inner demon to slap into nearby enemies at the end of your next Fel Rush, dealing [ 165% of Attack Power ] Chaos damage. (Source)
      In the next Alpha build, we’ve made this change to Unbound Chaos:
      Activating Immolation Aura will cause your inner demon to slam into nearby enemies at the end of your next Fel Rush, dealing Chaos damage. Developers’ notes: We like the feeling of Immolation Aura empowering your Fel Rush, but requiring Fel Rush to be cast while Immolation Aura was active placed too much pressure on that particular window. We want this talent to be for occasionally weaving Fel Rush into your rotation for a big payoff, so we’ve changed the talent to Immolation Aura buffing your next Fel Rush, which means you can find the right time to fit it in. Druid
      Eclipse - Casting 3 2 Starfires empowers Wrath for 10 sec. Casting 3 2 Wraths empowers Starfire for 10 sec. These Eclipses occur in alternation. Celestial Alignment - Celestial bodies align, beginning maintaining both Eclipses and granting 15% critical strike chance while they persist for 20 sec. Feral
      Shred - While stealthed, Shred deals 30% 100% increased damage, and has double the chance to critically strike. Rip 1 point : [ 50% 56% of Attack Power ] over 8 sec 2 points: [ 75% 84% of Attack Power ] over 12 sec 3 points: [ 112% of Attack Power Power ] over 16 sec 4 points: [ 125% 140% of Attack Power ] over 20 sec 5 points: [ 150% 168% of Attack Power ] over 24 sec Sabertooth (Level 15 Talent) - Ferocious Bite deals 20% increased damage and increases the duration of Rip on your target by 4 1 sec per combo point spent. Savage Roar (Level 75 Talent) - Finishing move that increases damage by 10% 15% and energy regeneration rate by [ 10 + 25% of Spell Power ]% while in Cat Form. Lasts longer per combo point. Bloodtalons (Level 100 Talent) - When you use Shred, Rake, and Thrash within 3 5 sec, the damage of your next 2 Rips or Ferocious Bites is increased by 30%. Feral Frenzy (Level 100 Talent) - Unleash a furious frenzy, clawing your target 5 times for [ 25% 37.5% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and an additional [ 150% 225% of Attack Power ] Bleed damage over 6 sec. (Source)
      Various changes in an upcoming build:
      Feral: Various talents are buffed numerically, to try to open up some choices a bit (Feral Frenzy , Lunar Inspiration, Savage Roar ), as well as a baseline buff to Rip that’s related to the below discussion.
      One notable talent is nerfed: Sabertooth. This has been the subject of much discussion in feedback. While we like the idea of a talent in this slot that simplifies the rotation somewhat, we generally agree that infinite Rip extension has a lot of downsides. It additionally tends to cause balance problems, as an infinitely-extended snapshot-buffed Rip tends to outpace other options for sustained damage. Sabertooth will extend Rip by a smaller amount–keeping a similar mechanic to now, but requiring it to still be occasionally used on a single target.
      Relatedly, we’re adjusting Bloodtalons to make it easier to proc–we’ve seen a lot of feedback that sequencing Rake , Shred and Thrash that tightly is a big hassle when you have competing interests of when you need to refresh your Bleeds, when you have a lot of energy, when you need to use a finisher, and so on. Trying to find the sweet spot where it’s not too onerous to use, but still provides a reward for planning your rotation.
      Balance: Notably in this build, starting Eclipse requires 2 spells rather than 3. Doesn’t require a big explanation, but should be strongly felt. In particular, the windup at the start of combat is much shorter (especially when you can precast 1 of the 2 spells).
      We’re also trying a version of Celestial Alignment that’s not extendable to arbitrary duration; it was simply going to cause nearly certain balance problems later on. It is now a fixed-duration cooldown that still provides a large damage increase.
      Thanks for any feedback, please let us know how this all goes.
      Consecration cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds. Seraphim - The Light magnifies your power for 15 sec, granting 359 308 Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, and Versatility. Protection
      Judgment no longer generates Holy Power. Avenger's Shield generates 1 Holy Power, and 1 additional when it damages a target for the first time. Redoubt (Level 15 Talent) - Shield of the Righteous increases your Strength and Stamina by 2% for 6 10 sec, stacking up to 3. Moment of Glory (Level 30 Talent) - During Ardent Defender, every melee attack against you triggers Grand Crusader. Reset the cooldown of Avenger's Shield. Your next 3 Avenger's Shields have no cooldown. (Instant, 1.5 min cooldown) Sanctified Wrath - Avenging Wrath lasts 25% longer and causes Judgment to generate 1 additional 2 Holy Power. Retribution
      Empyrean Power (Level 30 Talent) - Crusader Strike has a 20% 15% chance to make your next Divine Storm free and deal 50% 25% additional damage. (Source)
      Some changes in an upcoming build:
      Protection: Holy Power generation rearranged somewhat. Hammer of the Righteous is on a shorter recharge again, and Avenger's Shield has a new effect whereby it generates an additional HP the first time it hits a given target (i.e. on the pull), but Judgment no longer generates.
      The Protection rotation had gotten a little bit emptier with the longer recharge on Hammer, and this puts it back closer to BFA. Also, one particular time when Prot really wants Holy Power is the moment of engagement with a large group (but in a way that doesn’t flood the rotation in longer combats). Avenger's Shield will now conveniently start you with some HP when pulling packs of multiple enemies. Finally, with all this added Holy Power, we had to pull some back out of the rotation, and chose to do that onJudgment, since it currently serves a separate important purpose with the Shining Light mechanic.
      A few ancillary changes to this are increasing the duration of Redoubt, and making Sanctified Wrath generate 2 HP (so Judgment still gives 2 in total while it is active).
      Blessing of the Seasons : Keeping this short for now since we are considering further updates to this in subsequent weeks that make this change obsolete. But in this week’s build, the Seasons will be in sync for all Paladins within a party, and their effects are stronger if there are multiple Paladins in the party.
      Holy Words - When you cast Prayer of Healing, the remaining cooldown on Holy Word: Sanctify is reduced by 6 sec and by 2 sec when you cast Renew. Shaman
      Elemental Blast (Level 15 Talent) - Harnesses the raw power of the elements, dealing [ 80% of Spell Power ] Elemental damage and increasing your Critical Strike, Haste, or Mastery by 131 112 for 10 sec. Restoration
      Water Shield - The caster is surrounded by globes of water, granting 100 86 mana per 5 sec. When a melee attack hits the caster, the caster regains 2% of their mana. This effect can only occur once every few seconds. Warlock
      Agony - Inflicts increasing agony on the target, causing up to [ ceil(10.8% 10.08% of Spell Power + 2) * (6) ] Shadow damage over 18 sec. Damage starts low and increases over the duration. Refreshing Agony maintains its current damage level. Demonology
      Axe Toss now interrupts dungeon and raid bosses. Destruction
      Rain of Chaos (Level 90 Talent)  - While your initial Infernal is active, every Soul Shard you spend has a 15% 20% chance to summon an additional Infernal that lasts 10 sec. (Source)
      Thanks for all of the detailed feedback! While there are still some planned changes coming for Warlock, we’ve made a few recently that you should be seeing in the Alpha:
      Agony base damage increased by 12%. Inevitable Demise increases Drain Life ’s damage by 12% per stack (was 5%). Demonology
      Axe Toss now interrupts stun immune targets, such as dungeon or raid bosses. This does not affect PvP combat. Destruction
      Soulfire damage increased by 40%. Infernals summoned from Rain of Chaos no longer trigger Infernal Awakening . Rain of Chaos Infernals now have some bad luck protection built in. Chance also increased to 20% (was 15%). All Shadowlands Class Changes
       Death Knight  Mage  Rogue Death Knight 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Mage 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Rogue 9.0.1 Class Changes
       Demon Hunter  Monk  Shaman Demon Hunter 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Monk 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Shaman 9.0.1 Class Changes
       Druid  Paladin  Warlock Druid 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Paladin 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Warlock 9.0.1 Class Changes
       Hunter  Priest  Warrior Hunter 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Priest 9.0.1 Class Changes
      Warrior 9.0.1 Class Changes
    • By Stan
      The Timewalking spree continues with Mists of Pandaria! Completing five Timewalking dungeons for the weekly quest rewards a piece of gear from Normal difficulty (445) Ny'alotha, the Waking City and the Sign of the Mists buff increases Mists of Pandaria reputation gains from combat and quests by 50%.
      Reins of the Infinite Timereaver has a small chance to drop as Personal Loot from all Timewalking bosses.
      Timewalking Vendor 
      Mistweaver Xia is located on the Timeless Isle and sells the following items for Timewarped Badges:
      Blackguard Cape Bloodseeker's Solitaire Choker of the Klaxxi'va Locust Swarm Legguards Ravenmane's Gloves Sagewhisper's Wrap Sandals of the Elder Sage Windwalker Spaulders Heirlooms
      Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing Ancient Heirloom Scabbard Battle-Hardened Heirloom Armor Casing Battle-Hardened Heirloom Scabbard Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard Weathered Heirloom Armor Casing Weathered Heirloom Scabbard Mounts
      Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade Misc
      Adopted Puppy Crate Blue Feather Chilled Satchel of Vegetables Jade Cat Marsh Lily Ruby Shard Lovely Apple Shado-Pan Dragon Gun Pets
      Cost 2,200 Timewarped Badges each
      Infinite Hatchling Paradox Spirit Reputation Tokens
      Commendation of the Shado-Pan Assault Commendation of Operation: Shieldwall Commendation of the Dominance Offensive Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent Commendation of The Tillers Commendation of the Kirin Tor Offensive Commendation of the Sunreaver Onslaught Commendation of The August Celestials Commendation of the Golden Lotus Commendation of the Shado-Pan Commendation of The Klaxxi Commendation of The Anglers Commendation of Emperor Shaohao Toys
      Portable Yak Wash Mists of Pandaria Reputation (Factions) 
      Don't forget to buy grand commendations at Revered that increase your reputation gain with Mists factions by 100%! It will reduce the time required to hit Exalted.
      Grand Commendation of the Anglers Grand Commendation of the August Celestials Grand Commendation of the Dominance Offensive Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus Grand Commendation of the Kirin Tor Offensive Grand Commendation of the Klaxxi Grand Commendation of Operation: Shieldwall Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent Grand Commendation of the Shado-Pan Grand Commendation of the Sunreaver Onslaught Grand Commendation of the Tillers Items of Interest 
      This section contains various mounts, pets, vanity items and transmogs you can acquire at various stages of reputation with Mists of Pandaria factions.
      Mourning Glory - a daisy sprouts from your corpse when you die. Mounts
      Grand Armored Gryphon (Alliance) Grand Armored Wyvern (Horde) Reins of the Amber Scorpion Reins of the Azure Cloud Serpent Reins of the Azure Riding Crane Reins of the Azure Water Strider Reins of the Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger Reins of the Black Riding Goat Reins of the Brown Riding Goat Reins of the Crimson Primal Direhorn (Horde) Reins of the Jade Cloud Serpent Reins of the Green Shado-Pan Riding Tiger Reins of the Golden Cloud Serpent Reins of the Golden Primal Direhorn (Alliance) Reins of the Golden Riding Crane Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent Reins of the Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger Reins of the Regal Riding Crane Reins of the Thundering August Cloud Serpent Reins of the White Riding Goat Pets
      Tiny Goldfish Patterns (Recipes)
      Enchanting Formula: Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel Formula: Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit Formula: Enchant Weapon - River's Song Formula: Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan (especially good for gold making) Jewelcrafting (Gold Guide) Design: Jade Panther Design: Jeweled Onyx Panther Design: Ruby Panther Design: Sapphire Panther Tailoring Pattern: Royal Satchel Tabards
      Anglers Tabard August Celestials Tabard Golden Lotus Tabard Kirin Tor Offensive Tabard (Alliance) Klaxxi Tabard Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard Shado-Pan Tabard Shado-Pan Assault Tabard Sunreaver Onslaught Tabard (Horde) Tillers Tabard Transmogs
      Helmets Replica Shado-Pan Helmet Replica Shado-Pan Helmet Replica Shado-Pan Helmet Replica Shado-Pan Helmet Weapons Amber Espada of Klaxxi'vess Amber Flammard of Klaxxi'vess Amber Saber of Klaxxi'vess Amber Scythe of Klaxxi'vess Amber Sledge of Klaxxi'vess Amber Slicer of Klaxxi'vess Amber Spear of Klaxxi'vess Amber Spine of Klaxxi'vess Amber Sprayer of Klaxxi'vess Toys
      Anglers Fishing Raft Celestial Defender's Medallion Cloud Ring Gin-Ji Knife Set Glorious Standard of the Kirin Tor Offensive (Alliance) Glorious Standard of the Sunreaver Onslaught (Horde) Nat's Fishing Chair Pandaren Scarecrow (Source)
      Players level 91 and over will be able to venture into six of Mists of Pandaria’s storied dungeons to reap new rewards all week during this Bonus Event. Simply open the Group Finder (default hotkey: “I”) and then select Dungeon Finder and Timewalking in the “Type” dropdown menu. Selecting “Find Group” will match you with other players and send you to one of the following Heroic Dungeons.
      Temple of the Jade Serpent Stormstout Brewery Shado-Pan Monastery Mogu’shan Palace Siege of Niuzao Temple Gate of the Setting Sun Your character and items will be scaled down to a power level fitting for the challenge at hand, but bosses will yield loot appropriate for your natural level. Timewalking dungeons also have a chance to drop items that usually drop when you run them on Heroic, and you’ll earn reputation with a faction that is interested in the dungeon.
      You’ll also be able to visit a new Timewalking vendor located on the Timeless Isle. Mistweaver Xia is waiting to take your hard-earned Timewarped Badges in exchange for some tempting rewards:
      Reins of the Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent (Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade mount) 2 Pets— Infinite Hatchling (dragonkin) and Paradox Spirit (aquatic) Reputation Tokens for all major Pandaria factions and friendship items 2 Toys— Adopted Puppy Crate and Portable Yak Wash Chilled Satchel of Vegetables Updated equipment selections from Pandaria factions Look for the following all week long:
      Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar and Chronicler Toopa in Boralus have a quest for you. You can also start the quest from within the Adventure Guide (Shift- J). Quest Requirement: Complete 5 Timewalking dungeons. Rewards: Artifact Power and one loot box containing a piece of gear from Normal difficulty Ny'alotha, the Waking City. ABOUT BONUS EVENTS
      Bonus Events occur on a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a reward for accomplishing a related goal. Check the in-game calendar regularly to keep on top of the scheduled events. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any quests associated with the Bonus Event of the week.
      Plan to do some Timewalking? Join the discussion on the forums.
    • By Stan
      In the Shadows Rising novel that releases today, Bwonsamdi calls Zekhan "zappy boy."
      The Horde Councils sends Zekhan on a mission to uncover the rising threat against Queen Talanji in the Shadows Rising novel, and Bwonsamdi referred to him as "zappy boy" in the book, making the fan-favorite nickname somewhat cannon, as pointed out by Reddit user Waffle842 in the following post.
      Here's a short excerpt from the novel, where "zappy boy" is mentioned.

      We first saw Zekhan in the Battle for Azeroth Cinematic and he soon became one of the most favorite characters in the Warcraft universe.
      Later in Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard transformed him into an actual NPC.
    • By Stan
      Eye of the Jailer is a mechanic that limits the time you can spend in the Maw, so we're looking at it in more detail.
      When you complete the Maw intro quest that involves Broker Ve'nari in Shadowlands, who is the only friendly vendor in the endgame zone, the Jailer will notice your presence and affect you with the Watched debuff - Your loitering in the Maw has not gone unnoticed. Your Eye of the Jailer rating is slowly increasing.
      Ironically, you will receive The Eye of the Jailer as a quest reward.

      From this moment on, completing quests, opening treasures, and defeating rare enemies in the Maw will incur the Eye of the Jailer, who will torment you with punishments of increasing deadliness.
      The Eye of the Jailer icon appears in the middle of the screen with a loading bar that activates a new threat whenever filled to the maximum.

      In total, there are five threat levels with increasing severity. The first one is easy to deal with, whereas the final one is hardly manageable, and you do not want to die in the Maw, because you will lose half of your collected Stygia and be forced to return where you dropped it.
      Therefore, careful management of your time in the Maw is key to succeeding in the new endgame zone of Shadowlands.

      Next, we're looking at the individual threat levels in more detail.
      Tier 1 Threat
      Eye of the Jailer: Soul Beacon - Soulseekers are now hostile to you. Enemies that were previously neutral when you entered the Maw now start attacking you. This threat is easy to deal with, but the mobs hit like a truck, so it is best to interrupt/stun them whenever possible.

      Tier 2 Threat
      Eye of the Jailer: Soul Surge - Towers will periodically attack your location, damaging you and chaining you in place. If you get hit by this, five Shackle Pins that slow your movement spawn, and you must click on them or move at least 20 yards away from them to free yourself and regain movement speed.

      You can avoid the bombardment if you don't stand in the swirlies on the ground.

      Tier 3 Threat
      Eye of the Jailer: Hunted - The Jailer will periodically send assassins after you. An assassin will strike whenever you enter combat (Hunted), so you will have to deal with an additional NPC.

      Tier 4 Threat
      Eye of the Jailer: Kill Order - The Jailer will periodically send Elite assassins after you. It's getting more serious now, and you must deal with Elite Assasins instead of normal NPCs when you enter combat.
      Tier 5 Threat
      Eye of the Jailer: Immediate Extermination - You will take increased damage and will be increasingly slowed until you leave or die. At this point, you have no option but to leave the Maw through the Oribos Waygate, as you will be taking increased damage by 3%  and slowed by 5% every 3 seconds until you leave or die.
      There are unfortunately not all the debuffs that you get while in the Maw. The individual zones have similar debuffs to the Horrific Vision wings/quarters. For example, entering Beastwarrens afflicts you with a periodic fear (Otherworldly Screeching). Ve'nari informs you that you are not equipped to enter the Beastwarrens, so with time, we may be able to somehow get around the debuffs.

      Entering Perdition Hold increases your damage taken by 50% (Exposed Anima).

      The Maw is a dangerous place, and we are looking at the various debuffs that limit your stay there.
    • By Starym
      The  Corruption Effects Vendor has reset in the US and MOTHER is back with a new batch, including Expedient and Twisted Appendage 3, as well as Masterful 2! The EU gets this batch tomorrow at 9 AM, and you can still access last week's until then.
      Ineffable Truth (Rank 1 // 12 Corruption) for 3,300 Echoes of Ny'alotha Your Spells and Abilities have a chance to show you the Ineffable Truth, increasing the rate your cooldowns recover by 30% for 10 seconds. Honed Mind (Rank 1 // 15 Corruption) for 4,125 Echoes of Ny'alotha Your spells and abilities have a chance to increase your Mastery by 392 for 10 seconds. Strikethrough (Rank 2 // 15 Corruption) for 4,125 Echoes of Ny'alotha Increases the damage and healing you deal with Critical Strikes by 3%. Masterful (Rank 2 // 15 Corruption) for 4,125 Echoes of Ny'alotha Increases the amount of Mastery you gain from all sources by 9%. Twisted Appendage (Rank 3 // 66 Corruption) for 13,200 Echoes of Ny'alotha Your attacks have a chance to spawn a tentacle which Mind Flays your target for Shadow damage every second for 10 seconds. Expedient (Rank 3 // 20 Corruption) for 5,000 Echoes of Ny'alotha Increases the amount of Haste you gain from all sources by 12%.  
      Find out more about Corrupted Items in Visions of N'zoth and upcoming rotations in our guide.
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