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[Prot] secondary stat vs ilvl

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I'm just getting back into my prot warrior and I've got some Questions

Most of all: I have many slots, where I have a BiS stat item, but in raid an item dropped with a higher ilvl but worse sec. stats

for example

inv_plate_raidpaladin_p_01boot.jpgCruel Hope Crushers VS inv_plate_raidpaladin_p_01boot.jpgTreads of the Defiler

Infact both in HC and both with socket.

So stat difference would be:

+26 str +39stam +9 Armor +110MS +276Haste; but

-221Crit(2.46% Crit = 2.53% Parry)  and -131Mastery(1.87 Mastery, 0.55% block, 406AP leading to -46 AP in total because of the +Str)

Is it worth changing to the shoes who are 10 ilvl higher despite losing so many crit/mastery? I've many slots where I have to make this decision, and I always thought to stick with the crit/mastery item because those sec. stats are just WAY better for reducing dmg than the rest

Is there maybe a Rule, which items I should get? or maybe a BiS list for prots?


2nd question:

Prots always had SBlock for Melee dmg and SBarrier for (mostly) magic dmg. Now with the archimonde trinket, does this change anything?

For example is SBlock useful against magic dmg because of the magic reduction or does Sbarrier still stand out? Same other way around with Sbarrier and Melee Damage


last question:
T set boni, is it worth going for 4piece, although Chest/Hands/shoulders does not have BiS stats? And which piece to drop?


Thanks for any help!

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Really, it depends on the stats that you're losing and the stats you're gaining. 10 ilvls on one piece alone isn't huge and you might want to consider waiting for some better itemization. The reason this particular case is tough is because you're going from best stats to worst. In the case that you had crit/mast boots going to +10 ilvl crit/other or mastery/other boots, I'd go with the higher ilvl option. In this case, you'd probably need about a 20 ilvl difference to favor the haste/multi ones. Maybe 15, I'm napkin-mathing.


there's no real BIS list for prot. Realistically, you just don't need one. Go for crit/mastery where you can, go for mast/vers> crit/verse>mast/other>crit/other where you can't get crit/mast.


SBlock is quite useful against magic damage with the trinket. SBar has always given you absolute damage reduction, regardless of type, whereAS SBlk helps smooth melee damage. Now, you can use SBar for absolute reduction and SBlk to smooth redgardless of type. In other words, if you're taking consistent magic damage (Eg. Xhul), then using a typical SBlk rotation with interspersed SBar will really help your healers out a ton. It can also be very helpful for large, less frequent magic attacks because it essentially gives you a CD for every hit that is somewhere between Last Stand and Shield Wall in effectiveness. If you have these less frequent, heavy hits, you can also layer a SBlk and a SBar and have extremely effective mitigation. I do this on Mythic Mannoroth in particular. It really trivializes the Glaive Combo.


Yes, 4p is great. I use the chest as my non-set piece.

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