Alkaizer's Thoughts on Patch 2.4

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Diablo 3 Streamer Alkaizer, shared his thoughts on Patch 2.4 that he has been extensively testing throughout the development phase on PTRs. He points out several issues and bugs, also mentions interesting facts regarding the forthcoming Season.



  • Alkaizer talks about several issues that still haven't been addressed in this Patch.
    • He mentions that nothing has been done to prevent botting.
    • Lag's still going to kick in, if you'll push high Greater Rift levels with high density once you start to AoE things down.
    • Paragon Point differences are still huge, for rewarding +5 to your primary stat, so the gap between a Paragon Level 800 and 1800 character is huge.
      • He suggests a nerf to +1 primary stat per Paragon Level to lower the gap.
    • Lack of Toughness
      • Barbarians, Wizards and Crusaders and probably other classes have Toughness issues and very little ways of increasing it.
        • Playing with gimmicky items such as unique_bracer_102_x1_demonhunter_male.pnAncient Parthan Defenders doesn't feel enjoyable or clean.
        • Even sacrificing damage for Toughness makes the characters feel squishy in Greater Rifts
    • Toughness vs. Damage
      • The last interesting thing to note is that all classes have the damage to do Greater Rifts 90-100, but the Toughness for Greater Rifts 70-80.


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