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Unable to see any new quests on Table in the Lion's Den

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Can anyone help me as to why I am unable to see any new daily quests on the table in the Lion's Den? I have done the Iron Harbor quests, etc. My warlock is able to get quests, but not my hunter. I have been trying to open tickets to BNet for the last week, but apparently they are having issues with their ticketing system. Would really like to get my hunter rep up, but am going no where fast.

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    • By magegnome
      the broken isles pathfinder has two parts 
      the Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One has 5achievements 
      they are  
      1.Broken Isles Explorer complete these achievements,
      1.Explore Azsuna,
      2.Explore Highmountain,
      3.Explore Suramar,
      4.Explore Val'sharah
      5. Explore Stormheim
      2.Variety is the Spice of Life complete 100 wq's.
      3.A Glorious Campaign complete 1 class order hall campagin
      4.Loremaster of Legion complete these achievements 
      1.Azsuna Matata,
      2.Vrykul Story, Bro,
      3.Good Suramaritan,
      4.That's Val'sharah Folks! 
      5.Ain't No Mountain High Enough 
      5. Broken Isles Diplomat reach revered with
      1. Court of Farondis,
      2.Highmountain Tribe,
      3.The Nightfallen,
      6. The Wardens.
      the Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two has 3 achievements  
      1. Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One complete the first part (above),
      2.Explore Broken Shore explore the broken shore
      and the last one is Legionfall Commander reach revered with
      1. Armies of Legionfall.
      when you complete all of this you'll have flying in the broken isles.
    • By magegnome
      the Insurrection achievement has many parts but this part called missing persons takes you outside suramar city to a hidden place near felsoul hold. 
      there are 8 quest in this storyline 
      they are 1 Continuing the Cure 2 Disillusioned Defector 3Missing Persons 4 More Like Me 5 Hostage Situation 6 In the Business of Souls 7 Smuggled! 
      8 Waning Refuge  
      all quests required,dont forget to put on your masqurade when doing quest 5. 
    • By magegnome
      the lockdown questline is required for the Insurrection achievement there is total 9 quests in this storyline 
      the quests are 1Arluin's Request 2One Day at a Time 3Silence in the City 4Crackdown 5Answering Aggression 6No Reason to Stay 7Regroup 8The Way Back Home(telemancy evermoon terrace unlocks) (teleport back to shal aran) 9Visitor in Shal'Aran 
      all of these quests are required 
      Arulin's Request quest is unlocked when you hit exalted with the nightfallen the quests in the questline that unlocks these quests starts at 20000/21000 revered with the nightfallen. 
      for more info go to wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11340/insurrection
    • By magegnome
      Insurrection Has many parts but this part called an elven problem has changed before you can do the quest Eating Before the Meeting you'll have to do the quest Stabilizing Suramar this has changed from PTR because Stabilizing Suramar was an optional quest in the PTR now it's a must. 
      there are11 quests in this questline 
      the quests are 1Stabilizing Suramar2Eating Before the Meeting3Take Me To Your Leader4A Better Future5Taking a Promenade6Down to Business 
      7Nullified8Crystal Clearing  9 Powering Down the Portal 10 Shield, Meet Spell 11Break An Arm (some of these are special for alliance and horde) 
      all of these quests are required to complete the an elven problem quest line of the achievementInsurrection. for more info visit wowhead, 
      wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11340/insurrection

    • By Arabianmagic
      I have entered the following in the quest checker form:
      Region: Europe
      Realm: Azjol-Nerub
      Character: Arabianmagic 
      Questing Zone: Ashenvale
      Then after I clicked the button it replied with the following:
      Blizzard's API sent back the following error:  Realm not found..
      Please help.
      Thank you.

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