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PvE/PvP Specs and Gear

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Hey there guys,


I just got my Rogue to 100 and I've been thinking;


What exactly is the best spec for PvE and PvP.


I assume Assassination is the best PvP and Combats the way to go PvE?


Also what stats to look for?


Pretty new to this whole rogue deal, mostly played a Mage since BC.


Any help is appreciated!

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In PvE, Rogue specs usually vary depending on fights. Heavy add fight, you'd pick Combat. Single target or cleave with high priority add burst, Sub is the choice. Asn is a middle ground, I'd say.


As for PvP, depending on your comp, all can be good. Sub goes mostly for control, Combat and Asn for burst. See what fits better.

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