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Class Order Halls in Legion Alpha

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Legion Alpha Build 20773 went live with various new additions to the game, the most interesting of them being the Class Order Halls, one of the expansion's main features.


Class Order Halls are going to replace Garrisons in Legion as the new main hub in the game, where players can meet others people of the same class, receive quests from well-known NPCs of their class and progress on their Artifacts. Most of these Class Order Halls are now seemingly completed in the Alpha.


Videos of most of the Class Order Halls have been around since last week. Now we get to see some of them with their resident NPCs, as well as the new Demon Hunter Order Hall. Before we take a look at the Class Order Halls, please remember that this is Alpha content and everything you see is subject to change.



Death Knight





Death Knights stayed true to their roots and will be remaining in Archerus, their original starting zone. The whole place looks pretty much the same, save for the new mission table. While this is disappointing for Death Knights, I am sure there will be some new interesting NPCs in that area.



Demon Hunter





The Demon Hunters' Order Hall is called The Fel Hammer and it's located in Mardum. It seems a bit weird that Demon Hunters are hanging out in a world that was once fully occupied by the Burning Legion. As expected, their Order Hall can be described as '50 Shades of Green and Black'. It also looks rather small compared to the other Order Halls.








Unlike Death Knights, Druids needed a change of scenery and they have replaced Moonglade with the Dreamgrove as their new home. The Druid Order Hall looks like a village placed in an idyllic location in the forests of Val'Sharah, one of the new zones. A circular open space, where the class NPCs are located, is surrounded by streams of water and stone paths leading to picturesque built-in-trees houses.








Hunters settled in at Trueshot Lodge, located at the peaks of the Highmountains. The Lodge is a central large building of Night Elven architecture and it is surrounded by camping fires and tents, shooting targets and corrals for the Hunters' beloved pets. Even though everyone blames Hunters for pretty much everything (wipes, ninja pulls, needing everything), Blizzard has added yet another reason to hate them: a Hunter-only flight network.








It is no surprise that the Mage Order Hall is located in Dalaran, the city of Mages. The Hall of the Guardian can be characterized as a hidden sanctum, where the always eager to learn Mages can exchange secrets and acquire additional knowledge on the mysteries of the arcane. In my unbiased opinion, Mages - and everything about them, really - are awesome.








Remember the Wandering Isle, the starting zone for Pandaren which is actually a giant turtle? This is where the Monk Order Hall will be, although in a different instance than the Pandaren zone. It seems that the whole island is accessible, but the main hub will be in the middle shrine tower, called Temple of Five Dawns. Other than that, the zone looks unchanged.








The Paladin Order Hall is located in Light's Hope Chapel, home of the Argent Dawn. Even though it is an underground hall, the presence of light is far from absent: rays of light come down from hatches on the ceiling, while candles make the atmosphere very imposing.








Netherblight Temple will be the home for Priests in Legion. The temple seems to be located in Karabor; it is easy to spot the Draenei influences on the architecture. Since Priest is the class with the most extreme differences between the three specialisations, there are separate rooms for each one of them.








Rogues will be lurking in the Hall of Shadows, located in the Dalaran sewers. The lair of this sneaky class is quite similar to the original area in the Northrend Dalaran sewers, with the addition of vaults full of gold behind the tavern/inn and what looks like a fighting pit.








The Shaman Order Hall is actually not ready yet, which makes sense since Shaman is the only class you can't play yet in the Legion Alpha. The image above is from an earlier Alpha build. The Hall is located in the Maelstrom and seems quite unfinished yet.








The Warrior Order Hall is one of the most impressive ones. It looks like Warriors have occupied the Halls of Valor, the Valhalla of Warcraft. The Order Hall seems to be somewhere high, perhaps even floating in the air; its location should probably be in Stormheim. It is colored in shades of red and gold, while the decorations are complemented with numerous statues of legendary warriors.








Last but not least, the Warlock Order Hall is the Seat of the Darkener and it is located in the Twisting Nether. Again: what's up with chilling around near the enemy's base? It looks a lot like the Demon Hunter Order hall, although it is bigger and in an outdoor area.

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