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This week on Reddit, users put forward a post that revived the theories surrounding the Old God Pentagram.


For those of you that don't know a thing about the Pentagram theories, let me give you a quick run-down. There are supposedly five Old Gods on Azeroth, all of which can be pinpointed on the map of Azeroth via a pentagram. 




The old map used to look somewhat like this, with the Old Gods being located as follows:


  • Yogg-Saron in the Storm Peaks, Northrend.
  • An unknown old god lurking beneath Tirisfal Glades.
  • An un-named old god somewhere near the Dark Portal, mainly used to simply fill the diagram.
  • C'thun in Ahn'Qiraj, Southern Kalimdor. 
  • In Northern Kalimdor, we have the mighty Master's Glaive, a weapon buried into a huge boulder that is said to have been wielded by a titan.

Shortly after this theory began to emerge, Blizzard denied the existence of an old god underneath Tirisfal Glades; they insisted that it was still an extremely dangerous being, but it was not an old god.


The second problem with this original theory was the emergence of Pandaria and with it, the reveal of the old god Y'shaarj. Since Pandaria did not exist on this map at the time, the pentagram theory was broken and many started to discredit it.


This week however, one Reddit user has decided to rethink and remake the pentagram theory with brand new information. CaughtMeALurkfish has used a combination of new information from Legion and old information from the War of the Ancients to deduce a new map that indicates the existence of the old gods in other places.


In the poster's own words:


"TL;DR The Well of Eternity was a giant battery for the five Old God prisons located around it under Pre-Sundering Kalimdor."


The ensuing conversation in the comments has led to some startling revelations, including claims that the night elves might actually be to blame for the strength of the old gods. 


I would strongly recommend heading over to the Reddit post and giving it a read here. It is an extremely interesting and well thought out concept. A+ to the OP!

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