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Blue Tweets: Artifacts and Racials in Legion

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Amidst our new Artifact series, we uncovered a few pieces of information concerning the time input for earning the artifacts themselves.


The developers have confirmed that the artifacts will most likely not take multiple patches to max out the traits on the weapon, shying away from their multi-patch legendary progression that we saw during Warlords of Draenor.



Since we now know how long it might take us to max out a set of traits, we need to pick which one to work on... Or do we?



In other news, Blizzard have come forward and commented on the plans for racials within Legion. Since the PvP system will introduce a standard trinket-style talent for every race, the human racial especially is going to become useless. They had this to say:


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      Update: if you're looking for the exact hotfix changes mentioned in this update, head on over here.
      Blizzard have shared a look back and forward for Pandaria Remix, as well as explained what will and won't be changing in the future, primarily noting that Bronze costs for gear upgrades will not be lowered. 
      Remix (Source)
      Hello Timerunners!
      As we approach the end of the second week of WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, we’d like to take a moment to talk about some very recent updates we’ve made and look forward to the next 11+ weeks that the event will be available.
      We’ve now made several changes to address some issues we’ve seen, especially around max level content such as heroic scenarios, heroic dungeons, and raids. Our goal here is to address the sudden increase in enemy power at level 70 for group content and make the transition to higher difficulty raids smoother for players.
      Heroic Scenario, Heroic Dungeon, and Normal Raids increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. When first reaching level 70, players will continue to be challenged by max-level content, but that increase in difficulty should now be noticeably lessened. Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them. Before these changes, there was a stark difference in the power of each raid. Now, players should experience a smoother transition that feels more like a natural progression instead of a huge step. Even with recent hotfixes in place, there is still a significant increase in difficulty for Heroic Throne of Thunder, Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar, and Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. WoW Remix is designed to provide players who wish to take on the toughest challenges with the means to do so, by upgrading their gear and collecting additional threads.
      Looking forward, we want you to know that we do not plan to change the Bronze cost of upgrading gear. We’ve already seen many players make the decision to upgrade items so that they can comfortably take on Heroic raids (and hopefully earn the large amounts of Bronze available from them). The gains in power that come with increasing your item levels are exponential, not linear, and we don’t want anyone to second-guess their decision to become much more powerful.
      For players who primarily wish to gather Bronze and acquire some of the cosmetic rewards available in Remix, many options have emerged. We’re seeing some players level up multiple alts for the 40,000 Bronze available from quests at levels 50, 60, and 70, while other players mainly focus on earning Bronze with multiple level-70 characters doing queued content and repeatable daily quests and activities.
      We’ll outline all of our recent Remix hotfixes in our hotfixes update post, and we’ll continue to read all of your feedback. It’s been a lot of fun to go on this journey with you.
      Thank you very much!
    • By Staff
      Hero trees get some modifications this week, as Oracle gets some detailed changes as well as a new capstone talent. Voidweaver also gets looked at, and Discipline and Holy get some tuning changes as well. 
      Priest (Source)
      Hello, Priests.
      We’ve updated the Oracle tree for this week’s build with a few changes. Primarily, we’ve updated Premonition to rotate through its spells only by casting Premonition. There is no longer an option to change the spells based on casting spells on the global cooldown. We like that players will rotate through the available spells and removes complications with choosing which Premonition to use after casting each Priest spell. We’ve also replaced the capstone with an effect that triggers all Premonitions at once after each have been cast. While this effect is not available immediately in combat, we feel that with 2 charges of the spell and the availability of a cooldown reduction talent there is space for the effect to occur during your activity of choice.
      We’ve removed Prompt Deliverance, which reduced the cooldown of Purify. Oracle Priests can still uniquely use Premonition of Insight to lower Purify’s cooldown if needed during a clutch moment, but we’ve decided it’s better to keep the single target defensive dispel cooldowns aligned across the healers.
      We’ve added a defensive node with a couple options for either improved self-healing or increased survival to burst.
      We’ve back off on talents that could encourage Holy to use Power Word: Shield rotationally or Discipline to use Prayer of Mending rotationally. These talents effects are now focused on the spec’s more iconic spell.
      Thank you for your continued feedback!
      And here's the tuning part from the development notes:
      Tuning (Source)
      Voidweaver Voidwraith damage reduced by 50%. Void Flay damage reduced by 25%. No Escape reduces enemy movement speed by up to 70% (was 80%). Discipline Voidheart increases Atonement healing by 10% (was 20%). Collapsing Void damage reduced by 50%. Void Blast damage reduced by 50%. Oracle New Talent: Divine Providence – Premonition gains an additional charge. New Talent: Desperate Measures – Desperate Prayer lasts an additional 10 seconds. Angelic Bulwarks’ absorption effect is increased by 15% of your maximum health. New Talent: Save the Day – For 6 seconds after casting Leap of Faith, you may cast it a second time for free, ignoring its cooldown. New Talent: Clairvoyance – After casting Premonition of Solace, your next Premonition grants all of your Premonition effects at 100% effectiveness. Premonition now only changes to the next spell in the sequence when Premonition is cast. Prompt Deliverance has been removed and replaced with Save the Day. Divine Feathers now also increases the movement speed bonus of Angelic Feather by 10%. Perfect Vision is now a choice against Fatebender and reduced the cooldown of Premonition by 15 seconds (was 6 seconds). Fatebender now increases the effects of Premonition by 30% and no longer has conditional requirements. Narrowed Visions has been removed and replaced with Divine Providence. Divine Providence is in Perfect Vision’s previous location. Preventive Measures no longer increases the value of Power Word: Shield for Holy, or Prayer of Mending for Discipline. Bonuses increased to 15% (was 10%). Assured Safety no longer causes Power Word: Shield to trigger Prayer of Mending for Discipline, and no longer causes Prayer of Mending to trigger a Power Word: Shield for Discipline. Assured Safety now applies 2 stacks of Prayer of Mending (was 1) and applies a Power Word: Shield at 25% effectiveness (was 20%). Grand Reveal has been removed and replaced with Clairvoyance. Discipline New Talent: Prophet’s Will – Your Flash Heal and Power Word: Shield are 30% more effective when cast on yourself. Holy New Talent: Prophet’s Will – Your Flash Heal, Heal, and Holy Word: Serenity are 30% more effective when cast on yourself. Discipline Developer’s note: We would like Rapture to be a more satisfying cooldown that flows well with the rotation. With that goal in mind, we’re removing the time pressure aspect of the cooldown and increasing the impact of each Power Word: Shield, so that it can be used to triage damage in a more careful and interesting way. Rapture increases the absorption of your next 3 Power Word: Shields by 80% (was increases by 40% and lasts 8 seconds). Developer’s note: We are making some changes to raid healing cooldowns in The War Within to increase their effectiveness in content with less than 20 players. Our goal is to make these spells feel powerful in all forms of content, particularly smaller dungeon, PvP, or raid groups. The healing of these cooldowns will remain equal when healing 20 injured allies as they previously did and only take into account injured allies as contributing to their splash cap. This will be a slight reduction in effectiveness when healing more than 20 players, but this tradeoff has seemed reasonable to us as the availability and strength goes up as group sizes increase. Luminous Barrier absorb amount increased by 400%. Luminous Barrier now decreases its absorb amount beyond 5 targets. Holy Developer’s note: We are making some changes to raid healing cooldowns in The War Within to increase their effectiveness in content with less than 20 players. Our goal is to make these spells feel powerful in all forms of content, particularly smaller dungeon, PvP, or raid groups. The healing of these cooldowns will remain equal when healing 20 injured allies as they previously did and only take into account injured allies as contributing to their splash cap. This will be a slight reduction in effectiveness when healing more than 20 players, but this tradeoff has seemed reasonable to us as the availability and strength goes up as group sizes increase. Divine Hymn healing increased by 400%. Divine Hymn now decreases its healing beyond 5 targets.
    • By Staff
      Blood is in focus with this week's Alpha build, as the talent tree gets plenty of changes and some talents become baseline abilities. There's also reductions to high investment nodes so you won't need to put quite so many points in, as well as plenty of tuning changes for all three specs and Hero trees.
      DK (Source)
      Greetings, Death Knights.
      In today’s new Alpha build, we have updates to the Blood talent tree and new talents for the not-yet-implemented talents for both Frost and Unholy.
      Our focus for Blood updates were heavily focused on the tree layout, updating existing talents to have more synergy with Blood’s kit, reducing the amount of 2-point talents, and moving a couple talents baseline (like Crimson Scourge and Death’s Carress). One major pain point we’ve heard expressed with Blood is how much friction there is to pick up Gorefiend’s Grasp in content where you may need it. In response to that we’ve updated the tree to have Gorefiend’s in a much more accessible location. While we generally like the accessibility it has in the new tree, we’ve been testing it internally and have realized that its new location has made it a bit difficult to avoid in scenarios where you might need the AoE grip. We will update the pathing again to make it still accessible but a bit more optional.
      The other big point of contention for Blood is just how many talents you had to “buy in” to have a functioning baseline as a tank. We hope the combination of the reduced 2-point nodes, new pathing, and baseline abilities that there will now be more variety in your builds and flexibility when tackling different content.
      We look forward to hearing your feedback. We will have some further updates to the pathing, especially as it pertains to Gorefiends as well as two new talents that are not yet implemented.
      And here are the exact tuning changes from the development notes:
      Tuning (Source)
      Deathbringer Wave of Souls damage increased by 50%. Exterminate second scythe damage increased by 50%. Rider of the Apocalypse Mograine’s Heart Strike damage increased by 250%. Trollbane’s Obliterate damage increased by 33%. Trollbane’s Obliterate cast frequency increased by 100%. Nazgrim’s Scourge Strike damage increased by 100%. Nazgrim’s Scourge Strike cast frequency increased by 100%. Whitemane’s Death Coil damage increased by 100%. San’layn Incite Terror has been updated – Vampiric Strike, Heart Strike and Scourge Strike cause your targets to take 1% increased Shadow damage, up to 5% for 15 seconds. Vampiric Strike benefits 300% more from this effect. Blood Many talents have moved locations or have had their pathing updated. New Talent: Bone Collector – When you would pull an enemy, generate 1 charge of Bone Shield. New Talent: Ossified Vitriol – When you lose a Bone Shield charge the damage of your next Marrowrend is increased by 15%, stacking up to 75%. Tightening Grasp now Silences enemies for 3 seconds when they are pulled and no longer increases the damage enemies take from you when they are pulled by Gorefriends Grasp. Blooddrinker now reduces the damage the enemy deals to you by 20% while channeling and for an additional 5 seconds after a channeling it fully. Now also generates 20 additional Runic Power over its duration. Consumption now also causes your Blood Plague damage to occur 50% more quickly for 8 seconds and generates 2 Runes. Bonestorm no longer costs Runic Power. Costs up to 10 Bone Shield Charges and lasts 1 second for each charge consumed. Generates 1 Bone Shield charge every 1 second while active. Reinforced Bones now also lets Bone Shield stack 2 additional times. Heartbreaker’s Runic Power per target hit increased to 2 (was 1). Now a 1 point talent (was 2). Perseverance of the Ebonblade’s Versatility bonus increased to 6%, up from 4%. Now a 1 point talent (was 2). Shattering Bone now a 1 point talent (was 2). Red Thirst reduces the cooldown on Vampiric Blood by 2 seconds (was 1 second). Now a 1 point talent (was 2). Crimson Scourge now learned at level 21. Death’s Caress now learned at level 23. Frost New Talent: Hyperpyrexia – Your Runic Power spending abilities have a chance to additionally deal 30% of the damage dealt over 4 seconds. Unholy New Talent: Festering Scythe – Every 20 Festering Wound you burst empowers Festering Strike to become Festering Scythe for 12 seconds. Festering Scythe: Sweep through all enemies within 14 yards in front of you, dealing Shadow damage and infecting them with 2-3 Festering Wounds. New Talent: Decomposition – Virulent Plague has a chance to abruptly flare up, dealing 50/100% of the damage it dealt to the target over the last 4 seconds. When this effect triggers, the duration of your active minions are increased by 1 second, up to 3 seconds. 2-point talent. Infected Claws moved to the node after Ghoulish Frenzy.
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