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Looking for some tips managing procs affliction

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First off thanks for all the great guides and info this place has been a huge help. I am not really sure if this this is goning to make sense, I do pretty good dps I feel it can be a lot better though. I think the main problems I am having is not using my cds and procs to there full potential. So here are my questions.

Is it best to start a fight with demonsoul soulburn soul swap or wait till I get a relic of yu'lon proc then soulburn soul swap I monitor relics internal cd so I know when abouts its going to come up?

I have demon soul macroed with Static-Caster's Medallion is this a good idea?

I am an engineer and I am not really sure where to throw in my trade_engineering.jpgSynapse Springs

jade sprit seems to always come up after my relic and ds have run out so my dots are stronger when this is up so im not really sure what I am suposed to be doing with this proc?

for the most part I basicly use ds and Static-Caster's Medallion with relic procs while ds is on cd i can use Static-Caster's Medallion one more time which i try to time with a relic proc. I use affdots to montor my dots and try to refreash them on green, yellow or blue if over 125. It gets a little overwhelming sometimes as springs and medallion are on use so its 2 extra things to be looking at which also share a mini cd.

thanks in advance for any help.


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Syanpse Springs should be used on CD. Since it has a 60 sec CD, it will line up with every other DS (every 3rd DS if you have your 4 set).

Your Static-Caster's should be used on CD as well.

Jade Spirit procs with randomness and doesn't always pop at the beginning, but most of the time it does. At the beginning, all things should be used to get your initial spell power as high as possible and you hold those stats as long as possible before refreshing your DoTs.

Just lay out a timetable for your DoTs and realize that all of your stuff should be used on CD...often times, things will line up.

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Thanks for the response. I do try to use them on cd but the medalion and synapse spring share a mine cd which gives me a very small window to use them together I guess I need to just pratice timing them right.

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Hi Heebie,

I had similar problems as you with just Synapse Springs because of the 10 second up-time so I can imagine that having to monitor/use two on-use abilities can be difficult.

While Zagam pointed out that using them on CD is the way to go I think there is a more efficient way to ensure that they are used at the proper times. The key to these procs doesn't lie in their ICD, but in their up-time. Synapse Springs has a terribly short up-time of 10 seconds and SCM (Static Caster's) has a normal 15 sec up-time. Due to the nature of Pandemic you are going to be refreshing your DoT's right at the end of your DS (Dark Soul) duration. This creates problems if you are using them in conjunction with DS. They will expire before your final DoT refresh.

Looking at your setup you don't have the 4pc bonus yet. This actually simplifies your life quite a bit in terms of these buffs. Having DS, Springs and SCM line up every other minute is very nice and can lead to a predictable playstyle! To set this up all you need to do is pay attention during your opener.

You said that SCM is macroed in to your DS, which is not ideal. As i mentioned before, SCM will wear off 5 seconds before DS if they are cast at the same time. You're going to want to use SCM roughly 5 seconds after you've used DS and Synapse Springs is going to need to be used roughly 10 seconds after DS. This ensures that both of these buffs are rolling as DS expires. If you do this correctly during your opener then for the rest of the fight you can use them immediately once they come off CD. Using an Addon like WeakAuras can simplify this more if you want to make use of an addon.

From here its up to you if you want to macro these buffs in to your spells. Doing this takes away some of your ability to use them at the proper times, but makes playing much easier. If you go the macro route I'd suggest macroing them in to your Agony and UA spell. During your opener you will be hardcasting at about 5 seconds in to your DS time anyways if you use Zagam's suggested opener. Macro SCM in to Agony and Springs in to UA. They'll more than likely still expire before DS is over, but not by much. I had a guildy recommend to me to Macro them in to Malefic Grasp with a modifier key. MG is almost always being channeled and you can recast it as much as you want as long as you wait until it has ticked. If you do this then you could have SCM on a shift button modifier and Synapse Springs on a control button modifier.

My suggestion though is to put them onto separate keys (or the same one with a modifier) and use them at the appropriate times! Once you've done your opener perfectly you'll want to use SCM and Springs immediately once they come off CD to ensure that they continue to line up with your DS. Certain fights might upset this balance, but this is what you should strive for.

If you need help with Macros as well let us know.


This is all assuming you are playing correctly and refreshing your DoTs at the end of DS to maximize their empowered duration through Pandemic.

**2nd Note**

Things get trickier once you get your 4pc. The ICDs won't line up any more and making a timetable for your CDs will be very helpful as Zagam said.

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