Diablo 3 Blue Posts and Tweets, December 1-6

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There was a lot of Diablo 3 blue action last week, both in the official forums and in social media. Let's take a look at it!


First of all, Community Manager Kauza replied to a lengthy topic about the community's frustration with the amount of times they encounter low-density, big caves in Greater Rifts.


Blizzard Icon Kauza

Hey all,

We agree that cave maps aren't fitting in with what we want the Greater Rift experience to be. Here's something we're trying out in the latest PTR hotfixes.


  • Medium and Large cave maps will no longer appear as Greater Rifts. Population within small cave maps has been increased for Greater Rifts. (12/1)

This change and more can be viewed in the hotfixes thread.


Blizzard Icon Kauza

The "spider caves" as referenced above have not been modified as a part of this hotfix. We didn't find the same sort of opportunity to make adjustments with those maps as we did with the more open, less dense cave maps.



The same issue was later discussed on Reddit in a topic titled 'More Greater Rift tileset diversity! No more caves!'. Wyatt Cheng popped in to clarify that players will still be getting caves in Greater Rifts, but they will be smaller ones and with better mob density.


Blizzard Icon Wyatt Cheng

This post title is misleading. You still get caves.

We roll 3 different sizes of caves. Small, Medium and Large. This refers to how long the cave is. Small is short, medium caves are longer, and large caves are the ones on live that feel like you're trekking through them forever.

You can only roll the small one now, we don't want to remove all caves completely as that limits the diversity. In the event that you do roll a small cave it will have far more monsters per square foot than you currently have on live.




Meanwhile, the Patch 2.4 PTR has been live for almost a month now and there are always community questions to be answered and technical issues to be fixed. Here are some of last week's Tweets, mostly concerning bug fixes.







According to a post in the official forums by Tsarnis, there might be an issue in the PTR with the Bound Shaman or similar bounties and the team is looking into it. Additionally, Don Vu posted that a bug with Explosive Blast will be fixed in the next PTR patch, along with Debilitating Force stacking.


Finally, here's Wyatt Cheng's answer to another Wizard-related topic:


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