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Hello guys, first time posting here.I am a 713 fury warrior and I am struggling to do more dmg on singletarget.

I go up to 100k and then drop where I finish the fight at around 55-60k .

Simcraft says I should be doing 65k

Here is a log on Heroic Zakun :


Can some1 please tell me what I am doing wrong here ?

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A month late on this, sorry I didn't see it earlier. Simcraft can't be taken totally at face value because it uses every GCD perfectly (not really possible for a person to do) and with Patchwerk fights you're never moving. A better judgment of your DPS is what the average log is for warriors in your gear bracket.

For example, on heroic Zakuun in your gear bracket as of a month ago (712-714), fury warriors are doing 57k at 80% percentile. That means that you are doing better than 4 in 5 warriors at your gear level. You can see some improvements if you get your enrage up time (you were at 79% in your logs, that should be 90%+) but your DPS is pretty solid.

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