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Beginner sub rogue gear questions

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Hello all,


1. I've only recently began pugging HFC (and pugging/raiding in general), so I dont have many of the "core" items. Without any t18 set bonuses or the class trinket, is it worth going assa until i can get both/either of them?  


2. Is it worth breaking the LFR 4pc effect for the tier set 2pc effect? The extra energy lets me get off another ambush when I go out of stealth/vanish, but im not sure if thats better than the 10% bonus damage from the 2pc. 


3. Shadowcraft sims the new mythic dungeon trinket Infallible Tracking Charm higher than the mythic class trinket. I know that that is probably not accurate, but how does it fare compared to other trinkets like soul cap, blademaster, beating heart of the mountain, or the class trinket? 

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