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[Resto] Struggling

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Hey everyone, 


          Ive had this character since I've owned the game, nearly 11 years now. I have done everything from pvp to raiding all while resto  (mainly pve content). I haven't had much of an issue in any healing performance before now and I'm not sure what I am now doing wrong. 


           My guild hasn't raided in years and its only made of 3 people and our families. I have had to pug raids when I have wanted to since Cata. I don't really want to leave my guild but have seriously considered it. Though finding a guild on my server is as dead as it is, is rather hard with the time frame I have.


           Since I started playing again around a little more than month ago I chose to focus more heavy on my beloved druid and get her geared for Hellfire. After weeks of working out gear and dungeons ilv 700 I find myself getting kicked from pug groups before a boss even dies, due to low healing output. Only kill I have managed to obtain was a normal Manny kill and even that was only last night with several 720+ dps and tanks pulling the group. 


            I always find myself running out of mana before half of the fight is even over, trying to keep up with the healing meters because that seems to be the only thing people look at. What good am I if I'm out of mana before phase 2 or 3 of anything? When all they see is "shes at the bottom of the healing list kick her"  I can't fight it and have to walk away, suck it up and left me wondering what I have done wrong.


            So this is normaly what I have been doing and it doesn't seem to help myself or my raid at all though I do try as best I can. 

Rejuv is my go to for anything and anyone that has damage taken that is roughly more than 10% of hp missing that simple AoE smart heals may or may not be viable for. Also normaly try to keep this on the tank at all times with a lifebloom. 

Healing Touch is always my filler when things aren't going rough, simple spot heals and to keep harmony up easily if needed.

Swiftmend is on cooldown as much as possible if I can help it.

Wild Mushroom is normaly down near a cluster of ranged or melee in fights that aren't heavy on movement.

Lifebloom gets moved around when needed much like Rejuv if its not on a tank or urgent target. 

Wild Growth gets reserved for more stressful AoE issues  where tranquility would be overkill.   

I only use regrowth in times when damage is too high to wait for a long cast or death is close.

Tranqulity isn't used as often as maybe it should perhaps, I tend to wait till I know its a dangerous situation normally when several boss mechanics overlap.

Nature's Vigil seems to be tricky for me at times, along with areas of AoE I use it when there are a number of adds.

Tree of Life is my go to most of the time when I know things are about to get scary, or I try to pick up slack if another healer dies. Again I suppose it could be used more often like Tranquility but I feel it shouldn't be used unless its a situation where a major healing cooldown needs to be used.

Nature's swiftness is nearly always on cooldown.


          In 5 man groups I do fine, no issues what so ever, but with raiding I get kicked nearly every time based on trash pull meters and on the first or second tries at a boss. Being kicked group after group feels like I don't know my class at all, and sadly has driven me to tears. What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I think in order to be able to get any real help we'd probably need to see an armory profile to determine your gear/stats/talents and if possible some logs from on of your raids. You can even log things yourself and upload it to warcraftlogs. Even if it's just LFR raiding, will still give us an idea of your healing pattern, uptime, cd's and so on.

I'm going to assume you don't have 4 set HFC.


But most important things to keep in mind as a resto druid:

  • Harmony, need to have 99% uptime I'd say, which is pretty easy as you gain it from any direct healing spell.
  • Lifebloom is to be kept up at all times, a clever thing to do is to either use your Omen of Clarity procs or your Swiftmend to refresh both Lifebloom and Harmony right before they run out. If LB is kept up on the tank then chances are he'll be low on health when you need to refresh the HoT/Buff anyway.
  • Always have your Mushroom on the group of people you know are going to take the most damage, and keep it up at all times!
  • Pre-hotting people that you KNOW will take damage is what puts you on top of the meters, even tho it's not always about meters, this gives you a good indicator on how well your healing output is. 
  • Knowing every mechanic of the fight will give you the confidence in WHEN to save mana and when to not. And also when to cast your CD's. Remember Tranquility is a HUGE part of the druids healing output and among the most powerful Raid CD's if used in combination with your ToL.

Will be easier to keep better feedback once you provide us with the above mentioned things. Take your time to collect some logs from LFR/Normal. Im definite we can figure out what is going wrong here :).


All the best.


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I also posted this on the druid forums and got quite a fast but similar response. Most of my logs I posted there as they also suggested. At the time of posting I didn't have either set bonus for tier pieces and now I have the 2 part. From help there I feel I am doing much better and feel alot more confident about healing. I put the link to the forum post below so if there is anything that can be added or anything that others can take from it to learn as I have, all the better!



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