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Deathrattle Warlock

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Formed a deck that goes around deathrattle minions. Added a baron Rivendare to get double the minions. Well. it was fun to play with but I believe it can be further improved! please help me~ :D 

Warlock Cards:

Power Overwhelming x2

Flame Imp x2

Void Walker x2

Dark Bomb x2

Drain Life x2

Shadow Bolt x1

Void Terror x2

Imp-losion x1

Summoning Portal x1

Bane of Doom x1

Siphon Soul x1

Neutral Cards:

Haunted Creeper x2

Nerubian Egg x2

Big Game Hunter x1

Baron Rivendare x1

Piloted Shredder x2

Feugen x1

Sludge Belcher x2
Stalagg x1

Sylvanas Windrunner x1



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Hmm, here's what I'd replace:


-Shadowbolt: 3mana deal 4dmg is bad, darkbomb should be enough, you should add another Imp-losion instead

-2x Drain Life: 3 mana deal 2dmg is even worse, take 2 defenders of argus for the egg synergy/to taunt up things like  feugen/sylvanas

-Summoning Portal: 4mana 0/4 and the effect will only be okay, if you play it on 8-10mana, add a Dark Iron Dwarf, it also  synergizes with the eggs/creepers/all low-atk minions and is a generally very efficient minion.

-Siphon Soul: too slow for a midrange/zoo deck, add another Dark Iron Dwarf

-Bane of Doom: also too slow and inconsistent for a deck that isn't full-control/demon synergy-based, maybe Piloted Sky-Golem  if you want more late-game

-2x Void Terror: fun to play with (especially in combo with power overwhelming), but also inconsistent, I'd add 2x Knife Juggler instead (comboes really well with haunted creeper/egg/imp-losion)

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