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Seeking advice. Arcane mage gemming / enchanting

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Alright im so lost. I just recently went arcane because the guild asked me to do so. I have recently started using simcraft to look up what my stat priority is for my gear. It comes down to.

Hit : 3.29

Crit : 1.81

Haste : 2.98

Mastery : 2.63

so i put those numbers in, and then I use Reforgelite to reforge, then i would usually go to Mr.Robot and see what i should gem and everything. The problem im having is, IcyVeins gems are all the mastery ones, and then Mr.Robot wants me to do all haste gems. Im just confused on what i should go for. and Mr.Robots reforging is different as well which i would except since its not the same program. Im just confused and would like some help on knowing how i should do this gemming since everything is pulling me in two diff. directions

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/madoran/Foodspec/simple

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