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Heroic DPS (Ret)

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So I started my ret paladin two weeks ago and have been working on rotation but I feel like I'm not pulling enough. Here is my logs from last night:



As for my gear, here is my armory as well:




I know a good 4 pieces of my gear have poor itemization and I could use more mastery, but does it honestly make that much of a difference? The other ret paladin in the guild only has 3 piece but better itemization and pulls more.


As for my rotation I noticed I dont pool holy power and use it at 3, so that may also be an issue. I use wings right at the beginning of the fight and then save it for certain events like gorefiends feast or when we lust on other bosses.


Any help would be appreciated. I'm feeling pretty mediocre about my DPS.

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Without looking at your gear and logs, and reading your message you can make some very quick wins, 


Avenging Wrath, with your relative gear, should realistically be cast every minute, to line it up with Execution Sentence, this will double up with your 4 set bonus and you will see an instant increase. Obviously fights like Gorefiend, you'll want to Pop 2 during the Feast of souls along with your second potion. 


I would always recommend pooling your Holy Power, that way the 10 seconds after you pop your wings, you can get as many TV off as possible. 


Have you considered any addon's that help you start learning the rotation a little bit more?

Alot of people try HeKili or clcRet, either one, will help you with pooling your Holy Power to up the output! 


Good Luck, and if you need any more help, please do not hesitate to whisper me on Kazzak.



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The biggest thing that's causing your damage loss: No legendary ring. It may not come across as a big boost but in a fight about the same length as yours (and I run sera on Zakuun) my legendary ring did 10% of my total damage. 


Mine: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mxMnLCBGtZaH3TfQ#fight=28&type=damage-done&source=5


Yours: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/P1Dxw2tXrJjghpyF#type=damage-done&source=18&fight=23


keep in mind there are a few differences that probably affect the direct damage comparison, but you won't pull as much as someone the same ilvl as you that has the legendary ring, which would be a decent amount of the population.

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