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Hello all,

I am carrying out a piece of research for my undergraduate dissertation for a BSc in Psychology at the University of East Anglia and am seeking individuals to carry out a short online exercise. 

The research will look at how people perceive their workplace and online leisure time. It will compare the two environments to see what interrelated behaviours exist and how cross over may benefit both realities.

To take part in this research you must be over 18 and hold a position of responsibility in the workplace, e.g., a managerial role, professional role. 

If you agree to take part you would be required to provide a brief description of what your job entails to ensure that you meet the criteria for the research. Following this you will be presented with a question relating to a problem that you have overcome. You will then be asked to write two short (around 300-500 words each) creative pieces of writing regarding how you overcame these issues in your work place and in WoW. These stories need to encompass a traditional style of creative writing and consist of a beginning middle and end, containing a turning point half way through the story, using language that shows vivid imagery (think Tolkien!). I know this may sound odd, but it is linked to the type of methodology I am using.

There are no rewards for taking part and the participation is voluntary.

If you wish to partake in this study the link below will contain further information, consent and an on-line form on which your data can be entered.


I apologise in advance for posting this cross forum and realm, however this is necessary to gather a varied participants allowing for a more comprehensive study.

Also if you do take part and don’t finish, feel free to email me on the email provided below to get a debrief sheet. 

Thank you in advance,

Chris Sillett
University of East Anglia

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