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Diablo Community Spotlight: Chrane's Lore Videos

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When it comes to gaming, we all play for different reasons. When it comes to Blizzard games, there is usually a reason most players gravitate and stay. For many, that reason, is the great communities that Blizzard games tend to foster.


Diablo certainly is no exception to this phenomena, and as such the community regularly produces great content on its own. One example is a lore series, done by Youtube user Chrane which details all the known history of Diablo to date. The series breaks down the different time periods in Diablo lore, and how they correlate to the game entries in the franchise. 


If you always wanted a concise way to catch up on the complete Diablo lore, or you are just curious just how much backstory the series actually has, check out the playlist below. 


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      My game is taking too long to load. This is completely normal when booting in this manner, just let the game load up. If it is taking a really long time, you may be trying to start up the wrong version of Diablo (32-bit vs. 64-bit). The 64-bit version can be found in /x64. My game stopped responding. Go into Task Manager and end any Battle.net or Diablo 3 launcher tasks. These cause it to stop working/stop loading. I never downloaded the latest patch. Unfortunately, this method only works if your game is up-to-date. It will not let you into the game if you need to download a patch. Once your game is up and running, make sure to check out our updated class guides for Season 20!
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