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Pally tank need info

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From the Icy-Veins pally tank guide:


2.1.1. Haste Caps

There are several Haste caps for Protection Paladins. Your goal should always be to pursue the highest cap you can attain.

Your aim is to reach 50% buffed Haste, which requires 1715 Haste if you are using wow_icon_ability_paladin_empoweredseals. Empowered Seals as your tier 7 talent, and 3858 Haste if you are using wow_icon_spell_holy_blessingofprotection Holy Shield instead.

If you are using wow_icon_ability_paladin_seraphim.jpg Seraphim as your tier 7 talent, then there is an offensive and a defensive cap. The offensive cap is for maximising DPS, and it is 2882 Haste, while the defensive one maximises survivability and it is 3858 Haste. If you are going for the offensive cap, you should prioritise Critical Strike after reaching it, and otherwise you should prioritise Mastery.

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1715 sounds correct. Don't forget in a raid, you get +5% haste from a buff.

ability_paladin_empoweredseals.jpgEmpowered Seals only gives you +20% haste if you have spell_holy_righteousnessaura.jpgSeal of Righteousness on and use spell_holy_righteousfury.jpgJudgment.


 Haste effects are also multiplicative.

e.g. Haste rating = 1715.

1715 / 90 = +19.06% = 1.19

1.19 * 1.05 (+5% raid buff) = 1.25

1.25 * 1.20 (+20% from ability_paladin_empoweredsealsrighteous.Liadrin's Righteousness, given by ability_paladin_empoweredseals.jpgEmpowered Seals buff) = 1.50

1.50 = +50% haste.

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