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MM Hunter who just achieved BiS in Heroic - what trinket option do I use going forward into Mythic?

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Hey there!


I just managed to get BiS across Heroic difficulty for my MM hunter. You can check the armoury here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/steamwheedle-cartel/Luperci/simple


I'm trying to find a team to join with to start doing Mythics - I really want 8 kills asap to start making use of the caches - but I'm having trouble on deciding what trinket to use.


I have Blademaster, Censer, Prism and Coil (vanilla but upgraded), and Tracker with a socket (I don't use it really - maybe on Fel Reaver or Iskar when I can just stand a pew pew). There's also the heirloom trinket, which I was surprised to see being used a lot by MM hunters lately, especially on Archimonde heroic; any thoughts on this?


Anyway, just want to try and maximise my potential. Thanks for any feedback in advance!

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Here would be my choices:

HFA through Kilrogg: Mirror and Censer or Prism (your choice, Censer will have higher potential dps, but Prism will be more consistent on adds).

Gorefiend: Prism and Coil.  This is the only fight you don't want any AoE trinkets equipped on during progression, as correctly handling the souls and adds is paramount.

Entire Top half: Mirror and Prism or Censer, again use censer for higher potential vs Prism for more consistency, especially on adds.


Overall, Prism will be more useful during progression fights as it's more consistent.  Once you get a Mythic Coil switch the Prism for that.  Mirror should be used on everything but Gorefiend.

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