The 3 Word Game

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Well...It is called the three word game.

You start out by saying three words which will continue onto a story line. Each post should only be three words, and they must make sense in order for them to apply. The story line will branch out into a large scale story, and the direction of the story is dependent on the person who says something after you. You can also change the story line to your own likings by posting three words of your own.

Remember, your words must make sense in conjunction of the prior three words, though the mood does not have to be the same, nor does it need to be serious in any way, though Forum Rules still apply.

No punctuation other than commas within the words, not at the end or the beginning of them. It might make the story line be said differently. Periods may be added at the end of sentences, but only when they are fully complete.

No spamming, no posting straight after yourself or rude/offensive posts.

So here we go then...


It all began

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