Diablo 3's Patch 2.4 to Bring the "No-Set" Set, Legacy of Nightmares

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Most Diablo 3 players can widely agree that the game has substantially improved in many areas since the 2.0 Patch. An area that particularly got a rework at that time was the itemization of the game's loot. Many items which were previously useless received new purpose, and many of the game's set bonuses were reworked to offer massive bonuses. This was well received at the time, and the ideology can be seen in each subsequent patch. There has been another complaint from the player base however, one which actually grew from all the successful changes brought in Patch 2.0.


At first, the majority of players were very happy to see the items in the game (particularly Legendary items, which had often felt anything but, and were often worse than Rare counterparts) grow in power and purpose. The game had new life breathed into it, and the golden age of Diablo 3 had begun. However, there was a secondary effect that many did not consider at the time, one which has only recently reared its head, which was that build diversity slowly began to decline. With the bonuses from Sets growing in power, and many of the Legendary items buffing skills that were not often used, the Set became the higher source of player power in Diablo. 


At first this seemed to not bother to community as much because the sets in pre-2.0 Diablo only enhanced stats, and did not change game play. It was refreshing for most to experience items which actually made you play the game in a different way, and which made you noticeably stronger. Fast forward almost two years, and now the community has grown restless again. The incremental growth of set power has swung the game in the other direction: Now players essentially HAVE to use sets to play at the highest levels, and there is a shrunken pool of build diversity as a result.


Enter the answer from Blizzard, the "No-Set" set in the reworked Legacy of Nightmares. Previously the two ring set, consisting of unique_ring_014_x1_demonhunter_male.pngThe Wailing Host and unique_ring_015_x1_demonhunter_male.pngLitany of the Undaunted, provided a negligible bonus and did not see use in high level play. Now the set will buff a character's damage output and give the character damage reduction, based on the number of equipped ancient items, with the stipulation that the Legacy of Nightmares is the only Set the player has bonuses active from. 


This elegant move by Blizzard should address concerns that a player must use one of the Class sets in order to be competitive, and will likely usher in an era of unprecedented build diversity.


While the exact bonuses which will ship with Patch 2.4 were unclear, Diablo developer John Yang has confirmed on Twitter where the team has landed. 



All the more reason for players to be excited at the changes and additions which will be coming in Patch 2.4, check out more information on what to expect in our Sets and Items preview!

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