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heroes HotS Review: Lunara

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Lunara has been live for a week now and even her price has been reduced to 10K a week earlier than expected. I'd like to share my thoughts on the Hero, after having played her.

Gameplay Guide

Our Lunara gameplay guide can be read here.


Lunara currently has a terrifying win rate of 35.8% on HotsLogs and popularity of 16.0%.
  • Lunara has a high skill cap and a unique play style.
  • Her damage is average compared to other Heroes, which feels unrewarding, given her skill cap. If you have an extraordinary Abathur (very hard difficulty Hero) on your team, you will be rewarded with his out of box thinking, clever mines placement and so forth.
    • No burst damage, which I'm fine with as most of her damage revolves around DoTs; but the damage is applied too slowly that's why I think the Hero is somewhat undertuned and may need to receive buffs either to her Passive or some abilities later.
      • One option would be to increase her raw damage output, the other suggestion is to make her DoTs tick faster.
    • She's too squishy for her slow damage dealing and can be easily countered by Nova or Zeratul.
    • She lacks any escapes.
      • Given that she has no mount, her Z could use a leap on a cooldown.
  • Lt. Morales is the best support to go alongside Lunara, as she needs to be healed periodically, supports like Malfurion may not do the trick.

Place in Meta?

Forget about it for the time being. Lunara is a mediocre Hero and she doesn't bring anything extraordinary to the table, which makes you want to skip a valuable assassin such as Kael'thas or Raynor, who can deal insane damage in a short period of time.

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Problem with pairing Lt Morales with Lunara is that Lunara sucks all of Lt's heals and shields for not a lot of success. Even with the constant healing and shielding of Lt, Lunara is very easy to blow up - even more so if she takes her leaping ult as she often gets out of range of Lt healing and buff.


Lunara needs to be fixed by blizz, flat out. HP pool needs a buff and she needs some kind of protection talent or skill, like the KT mana shield or the Illidan (E) Evasion.

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The key to playing Lunara is to realize she's a specialist, not an assassin.


First off, she doesn't have the speed to consistently join teamfights in a timely fashion.  Second, her 200% increase to poison damage applies to structures, as well.  Third, you can spam her 'W' ability while shifting targets to blitz a minion wave very early on.  Third, she has vision to help prevent ganks when going ham in a lane. 


She's not ideal as a replacement for Raynor, but if you build outside the box, she can consistently push 300,000 to 400,000 Siege damage.

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I suspect that some of the issue with Lunara is that people aren't used to seeing her in the team yet. The few times I've encountered her in Quick Match, her success has very much been dependent upon her positioning and how good the team peels are. She actually did quite well in half of my matches alongside/against her.


I also disagree with the Morales idea. Honestly, if you have a Morales you need to worry about her being blown up - so you need to peel more for her. The same is true of Lunara, only if you have both of them then you need to worry doubly so!


It seems to me like pairing her with an aggressive support like Tyrande or Tassadar might help, especially if they can shut down Butchers and so on. I certainly found that ETC could keep her going alright for the same reasons.


Then again, I play Quick Match, so take all that with a pinch of salt.

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