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BM Hunter Enchants?

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I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, or if it's been asked a lot before, as this is my first time posting on the icy veins forms.

Basically: I'm a bit confused.

I'm trying to figure out my enchants, and I don't know what to go with. I've been messing around with askmrrobot, and it tells me, using Azortharion's build, to go with mastery. But his build has the haste cap, which I've heard... isn't actually a thing? So I edited it to not have the haste cap, and it's telling me to go with haste enchants.

Which should I go with?

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For Beast Mastery: Mastery >= Multistrike >= Haste > Versatility > Crit.

So would I go with mastery enchants? 

Sorry, I'm kind of new to the whole... enchants thing, and I've seen different stat priorities, so I'm a little confused!

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These are the weights that I use:

Weapon DPS.....0.76

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Right now I'm using


Agility                   1.00
AttackPower               0.90
MainHandDps               0.76
Mastery                   0.53
Multistrike               0.52
Haste                     0.51
CriticalStrike            0.49
Versatility               0.48



Which seems to give me basically the same results, but gives me a teeny bit more haste, and I'm more comfortable with the little bit more haste. That cool to use, or should I not?

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