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retri 720 low dps

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You should get used to the Class trinket.

Also your talent combination for Single target should be Sanc Wrath/Exe sent/Seraphim.

Get used to using seraphim in single target.

Get the 715 ring if you dont have the legendary one. Its better.


Your AoE talents should be Divine Purpose/Light's Hammer/Final Verdict.

If you go with Final Verdict remember to FV and then Divine Storm to proc the buff when theres things to aoe.

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DP should only be used in AoE situations where the most full uses of AW will go to waste. In the case of HFC that would only be HFA. 


You also need to work on your ES/AW casting. In long fights you should always be casting ES then AW. and only use ES on cooldown with AW.

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