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Statue Priest

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As the name suggested, it revolves around using eerie statue and silence/taunt as early as the 3rd turn.


Priest Cards:
Circle of Healing x2

Silence x2

Flash Heal x2

Northshire Cleric x1

Divine Spirit x1

Resurrect x1

Shadow Word: Pain x1

Lightwell x1

Museum Curator x1

Shadow Word: Death x1

Velen's Chosen x1

Excavated Evil x1

Holy Nova x2

Holy Fire x1


Neutral Cards:
Zombie Chow x1

Sunfury Protector x1

Big Game Hunter x1

Defender of Argus x1

Eerie Statue x2

Wailing Soul x1

Loatheb x1

Sludge Belcher x1

Emperor Thaurissan x1

Dr. Boom x1

Ragnaros the Fire lord x1



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1) How can you play it on turn 3 if the Statue costs 4 mana?

2) If you don't draw your Statue, the silences will clog up your hand. 

3) Wailing Soul decks (backdraw decks) never worked well enough to be worth playing. Druid and Warlock are the only classes that can be even considered good for this type of deck. 

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