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Good addons for Mage class (leveling one from 28-100) ?

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So wondering if there any decent addon will help me learn my class and will be helpful at end game contents ?

Questing guides:

Dugi's Ultimate Wow Guide



Playing add-ons:



AskMrRobot (web site as well as add-on)

Combustion Helper


These are a few of the add-ons I use. ElvUI is a complete UI replacement for WoW's UI and will provide you with buff/debuff tracking as well as a host of other helpful abilities. I have also used a rotation helper called WeDon'tWipe. It has modules for all mage specs and is pretty good at helping you learn your rotation, though it is not perfect.


Best of luck!


Sellaria - Arcane Mage

Suzycue - Fire Mage

Askiroth - Frost Mage

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