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Warlock DPS

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About a month ago i asked for help when i did very low DPS as Affliction compare to my other guild members

i was quite deprest i could't improve it much better so i took a break from this char

then i found out i was kicked again from the guild

anyways i decided to let go from affliction so i tried demo first as it was my offspec

again i spent money on gemming and reforging as AskMrRobot suggested

and went to check some results on raid training dummy

still the DPS was low after like 10-15 mins my max was 48k. well i didn't play much as demo

and i noticed some mistakes maintaining Hand of Guldan, and enter in and out of metamorphosis

lots of things to take care of which needed to be sharpened.

i said ok let's see how destruction works for me. i always played destruction before and it has simplest rotation

so i started the fight (against the dummy) with curse of elements, dark soul, summon doomguard

immolate, x2 conflagrate, spammed incinerate, the opening minute gave 80k dps

and i said wow but then it started to goes lower and lower and after 10 mins was around 60k

still better then my demo test

so my question is how can i maintain this amount of DPS?

i see destruction warlocks in LFR keeping 80-90k dps for the whole long

well i know it's not the gear i have, my current ilvl is 486

everything is gemmed and reforged

the rotation is simple

so what's the problem?

this is link to my armory


thanks for the help Posted Image


here are 2 recount results after 10 mins testing

the second one was little bit better, still you can see the pattern of starting high then decrease

help me find out why

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Well, as far as maintaining that 80-90k burst... you won't. You popped all your dps cooldowns to get up to where you were, so it's only natural that as soon as they all wear off, so will your dps. While I find destro *much* easier to play than affliction, I usually find myself below affliction in dps, no matter how i forge/gem. Maybe some of the other guys here can be of more help; all the improvements I've made to my own lock were from them, after all. Good luck to you!

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If you're pushing 60k sustained as Destruction, getting kicked out of guilds as Affliction, and doing 48k as Demonology, I believe it's safe to say you play Destruction at a decent level, Demo at an unsatisfactory level, and Affliction at a horrible level.

There's no way to help you with Destruction other than to follow the rules of Destruction.

1) Never have 2 charges of Conflagrate

2) Never use Chaos Bolt with 3 or more charges of Backdraft

3) Never use Chaos Bolt sub 20%

4) Never have 4 Burning Embers

5) Always keep Immolate up

6) Keep Rain of Fire up against two targets

There are other conditional rules, but you need not worry about them until you have these focused and locked down. After that, worry about Fire and Brimstone as well as Havoc.

As for Demonology, Hand of Guldan should be used only outside of Meta. If you're using Chaos Wave against one target, you're wasting high amounts of Demonic Fury for very little output. At 484 ilvl, your Demonology DPS should be way higher. Make sure you visit the Demonology guide and make sure you always have Doom and Corruption up. Use Soulfire when you have Molten Core charges and Shadowbolt otherwise to build Demonic Fury. When in Metamorophosis form, spam Touch of Chaos.

I've written enough detailed guides for Affliction here that if your DPS is low enough to get you kicked out of guilds, I can't really say much more. Maybe it's just not your spec.

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Thanks Zagam

yes i read all your guides here some of them were over information which made me lost it :D

yes i know all these rules about destruction i just need to learn to use all ablities to perfection.

you described my using lvl for every spec precisely :)

most of the times when i played as affliction my overall DPS was like 55kish which was very low for my spec.

some friend told me to use simulationcraft according to my gear the results we like 86k avg DPS so i have some time to practice and sharp more

i'm aware that training on dummies will not reflect my preformance in raid environment because there are buffs and multiple targets etc

i wanted to ask some questions:

about using chaos bolt:

should i use it right after i have a burning embers ready? or should i keep some up and put a burst of 2-3 chaos bolts one after another?

also i wanted to ask what is best time to use dark soul. some guides suggested to use it when i have 4 burning embers so i can use chaos bolt as much as possible with max crit bonus, but using it at the begining of the fight will help me gather burning embers faster won't it?

and finaly, i looked at your gem guide, and you wrote there that for blue gem best thing to use the 320 hit should i replace my blue socket gems with these? doing it will push me way over hit cap. should i do it anyways and reforge hit to other attribute crit maybe?

thanks for the help i appriciate it :)

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If you are hit capped, you should be using 160 Hit/80 Int for Destruction. Reforge out of Hit on your gear elsewhere.

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i tried MSV today as destruction and surprisingly my DPS was much better, i had avg of 70k and and elegon i reached 147k on the start and 121k at the end. so in overall was like 80k as i wanted.

obviously destruction is my spec :)

that gave me hope ^^

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