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Fan Submissions for Raid Ideas?

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Hello all,

I'm somewhat new to the forums and had an inquiry that hopefully a few of you can answer for me:Is it accepted or common practice for members here to submit their own ideas for raid encounters, and others evaluate or otherwise just riff off of them?

See, I really enjoy raiding. So much so that not only am I not content to raid current tiers as they come but also to read strategy guides of past tiers before my arrival to the scene and even, on occasion, envisioning my own ideas for encounters that I would consider to be fun (typically written in the form of hypothetical strategy guides.) And while the act of creation is in itself rewarding, I would find it even moreso to receive feedback on them and/or for people to simply read and say "Yeah, I would like to see Blizzard do something like that some day."

Anyway, should the answer be yes, I would be submitting some (albeit in unfinished form) shortly.

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You can definitely post any raid ideas or guides you've invented.

Whether they'll get any feedback - it's up to people on forums, no answer in advance here smile.png

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