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Need a little direction.

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I'm just coming back from a brief interim and am needing some advice and catching up. I stopped playing back in November and am not sure what I have missed. I haven't seen any of 5.1 content but am more interested in getting raid ready for 5.2 (which I guess is soon?)

Any big changes or highlights that I've missed?

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Patch 5.2 is adding a new raid: Throne of Thunder, and a new daily quest zone: Isle of the Thunder King. Patch 5.1 added a new daily quest hub in the Krasarang Wilds (end rewards are item level 496).

You will be able to gear up in Throne of Thunder LFR, but there is almost no gear associated with the new daily quests. Although, I think that there may be new items added to the PvE vendors. To be honest, I haven't checked that very carefully yet.

A big change that came with 5.1 is that you can now upgrade gear. That's what the 0/2 showing on your pieces when hovering over them is for. For epic items, it costs 750 VP to upgrade them and you can do so twice, each time increasing the item level by 4.

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