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Blue Tweets: Lore and Level 100 Boosts

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The Blues have been busy with some tweets concerning lore, as well as a new video explanation of the Level 100 Boost!


Our first tweet comes from @DaveKosak, who is responding to a tweet concerning the term "spirit" in the Warcraft universe.



It can be pretty challenging to keep control of the different terms for the elements within the world. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Wilds, Life, Spirit and Chi. All of these can be used when describing both external and internal elements, hence why it can get pretty confusing. At least now we know that Monks aren't Warlocks 2.0!


Our next tweet concerns the level of power that the goddess Elune fits into in regards to other beings.



This is an interesting one that I'm going to do my best to comment on with the knowledge that I have. Elune is the moon goddess, worshipped by the Night Elves. When Azeroth was initially formed, Elune protected every living thing and allowed them to grow. She is named as the most powerful of the Eternals on Azeroth. The Eternals are native to Azeroth and are immortal, deity-like beings. 


Elune was the mother of Cenarius, an extremely powerful being, as well as the creator of Aviana, the demi-goddess of the skies. It's pretty difficult to place her directly on a scale of power, but let's take a look at some of the other things she has done:

  1. Shielded Tyrande from the torture of Lady Vashj.
  2. Gave Tyrande the ability to heal any wound.
  3. Shielded Tyrande from Archimonde's power.
  4. Created the Moonkin.

A recurring theme here is that Elune doesn't actually fight. The goddess is known for her unwillingness to allow combat to ensue, always trying to force peace. Her defensive capabilities are extremely powerful, true, but on an offensive level, we don't actually have much to draw from.


The main example of offensive power was the spell granted to Tyrande during the Third War: Starfall. It allowed Tyrande to single-handedly hold back and defeat an army of the dead.


To put Elune into categories, we can assume that she is most likely somewhere between the Titans and Old Gods. Power in the Warcraft series is extremely difficult to quantify, since we have so many people with powers that haven't actually been tested against other beings, just spoken of in tales.


Back to the tweets! Our last tweet comes from the official @Warcraft Twitter account, concerning a video walkthrough of what happens during the Level 100 Boost.



Just in case you never caught up with Lemmy and Krazzel in their quest to better one another, make sure you check out the 100 or Bust! video below.


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