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Hello again, all.

Just sitting around at work, hanging out with my thoughts. You know, the usual theorycrafting mumbo jumbo about how to better play my class in different scenarios when suddenly a very special thought came to visit.

With all three of the warlock specs, the new engine running each of them is phasing between building and then consuming a resource for increased dps. For the destruction spec in particular you are able to utilize said resource (burning embers) as, not only a dps increase but also as a survival utility. But what if that could be used in the opposite way? Kinda like the way life tap works to regain mana, what if there was a way to sacrifice health in return for resources? Of course it would have to be at a heavy cost to balance out the tremendous benefit it would become. Say, something like 30-40% health with a cast time or something of that nature.

It would be extremely situational and probably more popular in pvp but its a neat idea and it would definitely have a very 'warlock' feel to it.


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