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Zoo/Warlock Arena Analysis: Summoning Portal VALUE with the Shield Bearer who stops Sylvanas: "You shall not pass!"

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You wake up in the morning and go to work. Your job is simple. You are a taunt - they call you a Shieldbearer. You absorb damage. Your stats are terrible though. You have zero attack power. You can't do any damage. However, you do have 4 health. That gets you through the day. You go home, covered in bruises, only to repeat it all over again tomorrow. Of course, the poor Shieldbearer did not know that today was going to be an interesting day. Today is the day he faced Sylvanas...


This Warlock arena run is certainly unique. You have Summoning Portal value, Floating Watcher value and finally Shieldbearer value. Yes, you heard correct. Shieldbearer value. Check out game 12 against the Rogue which got me the 9th win. One of my closest games ever!
Game 1 vs Priest (WIN) - Summoning Portal lets me flood the board to the point where the Priest can't come back. In the late game, even Lightbomb would not have helped (the benefits of drafting minions with more health than attack power). 
Game 2 vs Mage (WIN) - An all out war with a Mage - going card for card. My opening hand is good. However, Flamestrike is a huge threat. Playing zoo type minions with low health means the board gets wiped easily. What if he has a second Flamestrike? Taunts save the day though. Defender of Argus - a must-pick in any draft!! In the end I am able to play Doomguard - fantastic burst damage. 
Game 3 vs Priest (WIN) - More Portal value! The Priest casts Mind Vision when my hand is empty! Why?! 
Game 4 vs Paladin (WIN) - who actually had a Big Game Hunter to kill my Floating Watcher!! No matter... flooding the board wins the day!! 
Game 5 vs Paladin (WIN) - My Floating Watcher grows and grows... and grows. I use it for trading... not sure if that was the right decision??? 
Game 6 vs Priest (WIN) - Dread Infernal to clear 1 health minions - nobody expects it! Antique Healbot doesn't save the Priest. That's the problem with Healbot - it lets you survive for another turn, but against a full board, it does nothing. 
Game 7 vs Mage (LOSS) - The Mage has answers to everything. By turn 7 I am in serious trouble. Argent Commander gets him the board. No matter what I play, he is able to keep control with utility cards. 
Game 8 vs Paladin (LOSS) - Muster for Battle is such a great card - swings the early game. You also feel compelled to trade into his Silverhand Recruits. When the Paladin follows that up with Consecration, there isn't much you can do. 
Game 9 vs Mage (WIN) - No Flamestrike = loss for the Mage. 
Game 10 vs Paladin (WIN) - A hilarious game - a good chunk of his damage from Avenging Wrath went to my face - great result! 
***** Game 11 vs Rogue (WIN) - An incredibly close game - perhaps my closest ever! The Rogue uses the Big Game Hunter smartly. However, I make a comeback and at 7 health, decide to tap to buff my Floating Watcher. I think I have won. Oh no. Wilfred Fizzlebang and Raid Leader come down to ruin my day. At 2 health, I can't tap to buff my Floating Watcher anymore! I can clear the board, but my Watcher would be left at 1 health, and would die to the Rogue's DRUID hero power next turn. So... Dark Peddler gets top decked... and gives me the Shield Bearer! The Rogue plays Sylvanas! But it isn't enough! Strangely, the Rogue top decks a card that would have buffed his weapon! If only he hadn't used Sir Finley!!!  *****
Game 12 vs Mage (LOSS) - Sad times...

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